At Get Treatment, we are passionate about providing quality care and rehabilitation services in order to ensure your lasting success in recovery.

servicesWhen creating a treatment plan, the clinical staff at our featured treatment centers focus on providing an integrated, multidisciplinary approach that encompasses all aspects of mind, body and spirit. These unique features enable clinical and supporting staff members to tailor a patient’s treatment program in order to meet their specific needs and addresses their addiction and co-occurring mental health disorders. In conjunction with evidence-based treatment therapies, we also facilitate care in the form of skills training, relapse prevention, and teaching patients how to efficiently cope with their triggers in healthier and more positive ways.

Medical Services

Our featured treatment centers across the country provide exceptional medical care for patients struggling with addiction and co-occurring mental health disorders. Our certified doctors and resident nurses help our clients through the medical detox phase of treatment, providing continuous care, support and medication management when needed. By helping to mitigate the symptoms of withdrawal with medication, our clinical staff members are better able to monitor each patient through this difficult and often dangerous part of rehab. Making withdrawal symptoms more manageable is one of our main goals in the medical detox stage. Our staff of medical professionals is qualified to handle a variety of ailments, health complications and medical emergencies.

Psychological Counseling Services

Through individual and group therapy sessions our patients are taught the skills and given the recovery tools they need to modify their thoughts and behaviors in order to more effectively cope with triggers. By providing a safe and comfortable environment, patients feel more secure and free to express their thoughts and emotions. Our licensed psychologists and addiction counselors listen and provide the guidance and advice patients need to learn healthier coping techniques and prevent future relapse. These counseling sessions teach patients how to change their negative thought patterns, as well as teach them more effective decision-making strategies so they can be productive members of society. Group therapy sessions encourage patients to share their experiences with addiction, and motivate them to support their peers in recovery. This dynamic helps to build a strong sense of community and support, which recovering addicts need in order to stay sober. Our counseling services are a fundamental component of treatment as therapy is the cornerstone of continued accountability and life-long recovery.

Educational Services for Relapse Prevention

Get Treatment serves as an educational tool and treatment resource for people suffering from substance abuse and addiction. At our featured treatment centers, education is the basis of all relapse prevention training. Our educational services provide patients with the tools they need to continue with their new sober lifestyle once they complete our rehabilitation program. We strongly believe that each individual is capable of growth, introspection, self-improvement, and healing. Our years of experience in the field of addiction have taught us that anything is possible through simple changes in behavior, attitude and habits. Our comprehensive treatment programs inspire patients to forgive themselves, make amends with others, and regain their confidence and self-esteem. Through education, old and negative thoughts and behavior patters are replaced with effective ans positive strategies that promote a clean an healthy life.

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