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group-in-therapyNumerous factors can lead to the development of an addiction. Some may be genetically predisposed to the disease, some may be using substance abuse as a way to cope with stress, and others begin abusing drugs or alcohol when they become involved with the wrong crowd. Just as no two addicts have the same story, no two addicts should be expected to benefit from the same treatment programs. For this reason, there is a wide array of treatment programs available to help fit the specific needs of each individual in recovery.

Get Treatment features licensed and accredited substance abuse rehabilitation facilities to help those who are suffering from substance abuse and addiction. It is our mission to provide patients and their families with a supportive treatment environment that encourages addicted individuals to reach personal goals, rebuild relationships, and advocate a healthy transition back into their community.

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to addiction rehabilitation. Each addict will have different needs, requiring a personalized treatment approach. These featured addiction rehab facilities offer individualized care for their clients.

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Our Treatment Programs

After undergoing an assessment upon arrival, the treatment team will be able to design a plan which addresses each individual’s unique needs. As they begin to progress, this plan can be adjusted appropriately.

The traditional treatment approach has benefited thousands of recovering addicts, and each plan is customized to address the underlying causes of addiction and any co-occurring disorders that may exist. Medical detox, individual therapy and group counseling sessions are all essential parts of the recovery process and have been proven to be highly effective. Depending on the person’s mental state, a medication management plan may also be introduced.

Alternative treatment programs are also available. Additionally, any accompanying mental health issues must be considered. By addressing each client’s unique needs and experiences, recovery can be tailored to improve the overall outcome and effectiveness of care.

These accredited facilities offer inpatient drug and alcohol rehabilitation services including medically supervised detox from alcohol and illicit drugs such as heroin and methamphetamine. Outpatient rehabilitation programs and counseling for individuals and families suffering from drug addiction and alcoholism are also offered for those who have to maintain obligations at home. The compassionate certified addiction specialists take pride in helping those with substance abuse disorders attain the proper recovery tools to achieve and maintain healthy alcohol and drug free lifestyles.

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