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partial-hospitalization-phpWhat is Partial Hospitalization?

Seeking treatment for drug or alcohol abuse can be a daunting task for many addicts. Rehab programs are available in many forms, including residential rehab, day treatment, intensive outpatient programs (IOP), and partial hospitalization. Partial hospitalization is an intensive form of outpatient care that involves treatment sessions for at least five days each week, with evening and weekend sessions also possible.

While residential rehab provides the most comprehensive form of treatment, not all people are able to commit to a live-in program. Partial hospitalization and other outpatient rehabilitation programs provide a more flexible and affordable alternative for people in need.

These programs are used by two main groups of people:

  • those making a transition from intensive residential rehab
  • those who are using it as an alternative to residential treatment

Not only is PHP treatment a great step towards independent living, it also allows people to carry out their regular work and family commitments while in therapy.  

In many cases, these programs operate during the work week and patients go home on the weekends. Other PHP programs offer half-day, weekend or evening services designed to work well with outpatient therapy or intensive outpatient programs. As all PHP programs are different, it is important that anybody considering entering one does their homework to find the right fit.

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Who’s Right for Partial Hospitalization?

Many different types of people can benefit from these types of programs. Individuals who have already gone through more intensive outpatient treatment are often referred to PHPs. This is because they offer a high level of care while helping to build skills needed for independent living once clean and sober.

These programs are also beneficial for recovering addicts who have just gone through medicated detox and are not ready to return home or move to a sober living facility. During partial hospitalization, health can be monitored and adjustments can be made to any maintenance medications that have been described. Monitoring medication and checking general health are often much more difficult in outpatient programs or when a person is left to fend for themselves after inpatient care or full detox.

What Can Patients Expect?therapy-session

Partial hospitalization programs generally offer a high level of service to those patients involved with them. From regular group meetings to individualized therapy, many programs even utilize job-related training to help recovering addicts get to the next step in their journey. Residency requirements and allotments do vary based on the particular PHP. In most cases, residence is available at least five nights per week, though this can vary widely depending on the area you live in.

Why are PHPs a Wise Choice?

Partial hospitalization programs offer a wide range of benefits to the people who take on this type of treatment. While it might feel overwhelming to go from medical detox or even inpatient care to another intensive program, these types of treatments have helped many people avoid relapse and return to normal life considerably faster.

Among the top goals of most PHPs you’ll find a few basics across the board, even if the structure of each program will vary from facility to facility.

  • Assist patients in maintain abstinence on a daily basis.
  • Help patients manage psychiatric disorders that have led to drug and alcohol abuse.
  • Work with patients to restore home life and find a suitable social environment for their new sober life.
  • Assist patients with avoiding relapse through counseling, including group treatment, individual therapy and help enrolling in community programs once partial hospitalization has ended.

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