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New Jersey Drug and Alcohol Treatment NJGet Treatment for Addiction in New Jersey

At Get Treatment, our cutting-edge recovery resources locate state of the art drug and alcohol rehabilitation programs for people in need of quality addiction treatment. Finding a rehab facility in New Jersey that offers the necessary programs to best suit your needs can be challenging on your own. For this reason, we assess your unique situation and the areas that need addressing in order to determine which New Jersey drug and alcohol treatment centers are the right fit for you.

Despite being one of the smaller states in the United States, New Jersey is a metropolis of its own. What often comes with a bustling metropolis you may ask? Drug and alcohol abuse is an epidemic in this nation and New Jersey is no exception. Luckily, New Jersey drug and alcohol treatment centers have the guidance and tools to help.

The Garden State is famous for its bustling shores, boardwalks, and rich history. Its proximity to New York allows access to innovative addiction treatment programs without the stress of city life, making it an ideal recovery location. Although the road to recovery can be challenging, there are treatment programs available to help residents overcome substance abuse and addiction once and for all.

If you are looking for New Jersey drug treatment centers for yourself or someone you love, then you’ve come to the right place. We will help you find a comprehensive and accredited rehab program that meets all your needs for addiction recovery.

Drug Abuse Statistics for New Jersey

With over 130 miles of coastline and bustling ports nearby, it is not incredibly difficult to smuggle drugs into the state. Due to this, the type of drugs used by residents has generally been somewhat varied. Today, New Jersey is experiencing a major heroin crisis, unlike anything law enforcement has seen before.

  • While other drugs are a concern, and many are still struggling with alcohol addiction in the state, it is heroin that has many people worried about the overall health and well-being of residents. For addicts, heroin has never been easier to find.
  • The substances most abused in New Jersey are heroin, alcohol, marijuana, opiates, and cocaine.
  • New Jersey Medical Examiner’s Office reported that in 2015, there were 1,587 drug overdose deaths – an increase of 21% from the year before.
  • In 2015, heroin deaths rose significantly to a total of 918. This is the highest number or heroin related death ever recorded in the Garden State.

New Jersey Drug Rehab Admissions

  • In 2015, substance abuse treatment admissions in New Jersey were primarily for heroin (40%), followed by alcohol (26%), marijuana (15%), other opiates (7%), cocaine (5%), and other drugs (3%).
  • Most treatment admissions were for Outpatient Care (31%) followed by intensive inpatient care admissions (25%). Short-term residential accounted for 10% of all treatment admissions that year.
  • The majority of patients admitted into New Jersey substance abuse treatment programs in 2015 were White (61%) and male (68%).

How Can I Help Someone I Love Get Help for Addiction?

Interventions can be very effective when it comes to getting addicts into treatment. Many times it takes a well-organized, relatively emotion free, meeting for addicts to come to terms with how their behavior has affected their loved ones. To avoid tension and heightened emotions, look to a trained counselor (known as an interventionist) to assist you through this process. Not only will they be able to steer the meeting in the right direction, but they will also be able to help an addict find a treatment program that works for them immediately upon agreeing to accept help.

How do I Find Drug or Alcohol Treatment in New Jersey?

There are hundreds of drug and alcohol rehab treatment centers in New Jersey. At Get Treatment, we understand that finding the right New Jersey drug treatment program that fits your needs can be difficult and overwhelming. This is why we offer free and confidential assessments and insurance verification. Our trusted and compassionate admissions specialists are available 24/7 to answer any questions you may have. We can guide you through the process, and make sure you find the right New Jersey drug and alcohol rehab center for your needs.

New Jersey Drug Detox Treatment Programs

There are a variety of detoxification programs all across the state of New Jersey. Depending on your needs for treatment, the admissions specialists at Get Treatment can help guide you through the process of finding the detox program that’s right for you. Options for detox are focused on patient’s specific needs, and services for adults, adolescents, pregnant women, and the hearing Drug Detox New Jerseyimpaired are all available in New Jersey. Whether you are looking for a residential rehab or an outpatient detox center, at Get Treatment we can help. It is possible to find the right detoxification program in the state of New Jersey.

Individuals who abuse drugs and alcohol often develop a physical and psychological dependence on their drug of choice. Quitting substance abuse on your own can be extremely difficult on a person’s body and mind. The uncomfortable and sometimes painful withdrawal symptoms associated with detoxing from drugs or alcohol can lead to dangerous and even life-threatening consequences.

There are two main forms of detox available in New Jersey, and they are:

Types of Medical Detox Available
  • Medically supervised detoxification services: This form of detox works to ease some of the unpleasant symptoms associated withdrawal. Medical professionals are usually available 24/7 in these detox facilities to keep patients as safe and comfortable as possible. Doctors can prescribe certain medications to keep patients stable and ensure that no medical emergencies are left unattended.
  • Non-medicated detox services: This type of detox does not involve the use drugs to help addicts withdraw from drugs or alcohol. Instead, these programs commonly utilize more evidence-based and holistic forms of therapy to ease them through the detoxification process.

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New Jersey Drug and Alcohol Treatment Programs

Trying to beat alcohol and drug addiction without professional help can be nearly impossible. For those with severe addictions, it is not even safe. Fortunately, there are professional New Jersey drug and alcohol treatment specialists with years of experience and an unmatched understanding of addiction to help you or your loved one.

Depending on the severity of your addiction, you may need treatment from an inpatient rehab program or an outpatient treatment facility. We can hNew Jersey Group Counseling for Addictionelp you determine which choice best suits your needs.

  • Inpatient treatment typically lasts anywhere from 14 to 90 days. During this time, addicts reside at the treatment facility and focus exclusively on general wellness. Medication, group and individual therapy, and relapse prevention programs are common aspects of treatment. Holistic treatment therapies are typically Incorporated into individualized treatment programs, and they can include yoga, exercise therapy, art therapy, and others.
  • Outpatient care typically lasts a few months, but users can reside at home and attend treatment during the day or after work. This way, they can continue working or attending to family obligations. Meetings and support groups are typically held from three to seven days a week.

Are Specialized Addiction Treatment Programs Offered in New Jersey?

Specialized drug treatment programs became more prominent at New Jersey drug and alcohol treatment centers in recent years. For New Jersey residents, a variety of specialized programs is available for people looking to recover from addiction.

  • Christian-based rehabilitation organizations are available in the state of New Jersey. Many of these programs employ 12-step methods.
  • LGBTQ community outreach services and private rehabilitation facilities for members of this community are available to help. Many LGBTQ community members find this specialized treatment much more helpful, especially from a therapeutic standpoint.
  • VA hospitals and organizations offer help for addicts that were once in the armed services. Those suffering from PTSD and self-medicating often prefer to undergo these specialized treatment programs with peers.

Do not allow addiction to take one more day from you. New Jersey drug and alcohol treatment centers are available to help.

How Can New Jersey Drug and Alcohol Treatment Centers Help Me?

People who seek treatment for addiction in New Jersey will find that there is a vast selection of treatment programs and rehab options available to them. There are a number of private and public facilities available throughout the state that provide quality care and support to recovering addicts. New Jersey drug rehab centers offer tailored treatment plans to meet your specific needs for addiction recovery. Find treatment from a licensed and accredited New Jersey drug and alcohol treatment center today.