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New Mexico Drug and Alcohol Treatment NMFind Drug and Alcohol Addiction Treatment in New Mexico

At Get Treatment, we provide resourceful support and guidance in finding licensed New Mexico drug and alcohol rehab centers that offer highly rated care and individualized treatment to people struggling with a substance use disorder or co-occurring disorders. We understand the challenges that come with locating a rehabilitation facility that best suits your needs. With the vast number of New Mexico inpatient and residential rehabs, drug detox programs and outpatient treatment centers, filtering through these options on your own can be rather overwhelming. At Get Treatment, our purpose is to lessen your troubles and simplify the process of finding licensed and certified addiction treatment programs. We exert all our efforts into locating the right New Mexico drug and alcohol treatment facility for ongoing success in your journey of recovery.

When many people think of New Mexico they may think of the beautiful scenery and the open road. For people who live in the state, drug and alcohol abuse is overshadowing the states striking beauty. Luckily, New Mexico drug and alcohol treatment centers are refusing to let this epidemic ravish the state any more than it already has.

The Land of Enchantment truly lives up to its name. The state is rich with beautiful scenery, history, culture, and adventure. Santa Fe, Taos, and Las Cruces, and Albuquerque are just a few of the unique cities found in the state. The abundance of interesting places to visit make New Mexico an ideal place to immerse yourself in recovery. At New Mexico drug and alcohol treatment centers there are options for individuals who want to beat addiction and get clean once and for all.

Drug and Alcohol Abuse Rates in New Mexico

  • Heroin and opioid pain relievers are the main cause of the increase in overdose deaths in New Mexico.
  • In 2015, New Mexico had the 8th highest drug overdose death rate in the nation.
  • According to SAMHSA, in 2013 and 2014, 9,000 adolescents in New Mexico reported the nonmedical use of prescription pain relievers, and 16,000 of them reported experiencing a major depressive episode.
  • The New Mexico Department of Health reports that one in six deaths among adults ages 20-64 in the state is attributable to alcohol.
  • New Mexico’s rate of alcohol-related injury death is 1.7 times the national average.
  • Males are more at risk for alcohol-related injury death than females, and American Indian males face an elevated risk.

How Important is it to Hold an Intervention?Addiction Intervention New Mexico

Holding an addiction intervention for a loved one can be effective when conducted correctly. To hold a successful intervention, you will likely need to enlist the help of a trained interventionist. A qualified counselor will help walk you through the process and ensure that you do not get off track. The person you are holding the intervention for should not feel attacked during the meeting. It is easy for emotions to run high, but it is of utmost importance that close friends and family members express their feelings in a composed manner.

Whether the individual refuses to go to treatment or agrees to get help, those involved in the intervention must follow through with their ultimatums. In many cases, this with either means sending their loved one to treatment right away, or cutting the person off completely until he or she decides to make the necessary changes.

New Mexico Drug and Alcohol Treatment Centers 

There are a number of drug and alcohol treatment centers in New Mexico to choose from. At Get Treatment, we understand that finding the right New Mexico drug treatment program that fits your needs can be difficult and overwhelming. This is why we offer free and confidential assessments and insurance verification. Our trusted and compassionate admissions specialists are available 24/7 to answer any questions you may have. We can guide you through the process, and make sure you find the right New Mexico drug and alcohol rehab center for your needs.

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New Mexico Drug Detox Treatment Programs

Drug Detox New MexicoNew Mexico drug detox facilities vary in structure and approach. Detoxification programs can help you or someone you love break the physical dependence on drugs or alcohol. Whether you are looking for an inpatient medicated detox program or one that offers more holistic healing options, we can help you can find the detox treatment service that’s right for you.

Detox can involve a significant amount of the emotional and physical pain during the period of withdrawal. For long-term addicts, detox is necessary simply to ensure their safety. New Mexico drug and alcohol detox services are available, and the type of detox protocol needed will depend on the patient’s history of substance abuse, as well as their experience with treatment in the past. 

  • Medical detoxification services combine detox medications with individual and group therapy to ease the process of withdrawal. For long-term users, medication can also be used after detox to help manage cravings for drugs or alcohol. Patients are supervised and monitored by medical professionals to ensure they remain stable and to avoid or manage any emergency situations that may arise.
  • Non-medical detox gives patients a safe space to withdraw, but does not provide the level of medical attention used in medicated detox or involve the use of prescription medications for withdrawal symptoms. This type of detox is more suitable for people with less severe addictions or a mild substance abuse problem.

Which New Mexico Drug Rehab Program is Right for Me?

A variety of drug and alcohol rehab programs are available in New Mexico to help individuals dealing with addiction.

  • Inpatient treatment gives addicts a place to live while undergoing drug and alcohol treatment. Most treatment plans last anywhere from 14 to 90 days. Group and individual therapy, medication, alternative treatments, and relapse prevention programs are typically used during inpatient treatment. Holistic therapies focus on general wellness instead of the use of medication for treatment. Individual and group therapy sessions, as well as holistic treatments such as yoga, meditation, and chiropractic care.
  • Outpatient treatment gives addicts the opportunity to reside at home during rehabilitation. Meetings are held regularly, though the frequency depends on the particular program.

Specialized Drug Treatment Programs in New MexicoChristian Treatment New Mexico

Specialized drug and alcohol treatment programs are becoming more common at New Mexico drug and alcohol treatment centers every year. Among the most common you will find:

  • Specialized programs for veterans of the armed services and former police officers. These programs often help individuals suffering from addiction related to PTSD.
  • Drug rehab programs for individuals of the LGBTQ community. Getting help among peers can be important for groups who already feel marginalized within their state and current culture.
  • Christian and faith-based programs are available for residents of New Mexico who want to undergo drug or alcohol addiction treatment. Numerous Christian rehab centers are available for teens and adults in the state of New Mexico, as well as nondenominational faith-based drug and alcohol treatment facilities.  

Do not let addiction ravage your life for one more day. Contact New Mexico drug and alcohol treatment centers before it’s too late.

How Can New Jersey Drug and Alcohol Treatment Centers Help Me?

People who seek treatment for addiction in New Mexico will find that there is a wide selection of treatment programs and rehab options available to them. There are several private and public facilities available throughout the state that provide quality care and support for recovering addicts. New Mexico drug rehab centers offer individualized treatment plans to meet your specific needs for addiction recovery. Find treatment at an accredited and licensed New Mexico drug and alcohol treatment center today.