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Vermont Drug and Alcohol Treatment VTDrug and Alcohol Treatment Centers Vermont

At Get Treatment, we are a respected resource that provides assistance and guidance to people in search of the top-ranked Vermont drug and alcohol rehab centers. We can help you find individualized treatment from the highly rated rehab facilities that specialize in treating alcoholism, drug addiction, and co-occurring disorders. Finding the right Vermont drug and alcohol treatment program on your own can be difficult and stressful. Our purpose is to simplify this process by providing you with a directory of inpatient rehabs and outpatient treatment programs in Vermont that are fully equipped to address all your needs in recovery. The right Vermont drug and alcohol treatment center in Vermont will evaluate your unique circumstance and specific needs in order to customize an individualized treatment plan that supports a lasting recovery.

Vermont has a small population of just over 625,000. It is known for its pleasing scenery and heavily forested land. For Vermont residents though, opiates are making the state a much less beautiful place. While addiction in Vermont a serious issue, there is hope available for people who want to get treatment. Professional help at Vermont drug and alcohol treatment centers is often the best way to stop the cycle of abuse, and there is no time like the present to get the treatment that you need.

The Green Mountain State is known for its naturally forested landscapes and thousands of acres of mountainous hiking trails and ski slopes. Vermont is ideal for the recovery lifestyle because the state boasts many outdoor activities and is away from the hustle and bustle of city life. When you become serious about overcoming addiction, contact Vermont drug and alcohol treatment centers.

Drug and Alcohol Abuse in Vermont

  • A brief published by the Vermont Department of Health revealed that starting in 2013, heroin and fentanyl-related deaths have increased sharply, while prescription opioid deaths (not including fentanyl) have started to decline.
  • In 2014, Vermont Governor Peter Shumlin delivered a State of the State address in which he revealed that heroin-related deaths nearly doubled in that year alone. He also said that the number of people being treated for heroin addiction had increased an overwhelming 770% since 2000.
  • Even more alarming, the state topped the list for almost every drug, from marijuana to cocaine and more.This information clearly points to a major epidemic within the state. Despite law enforcement efforts to crack down on drug abuse and violations like drunk driving, Vermont residents are still using illegal at an alarming pace.
  • Drug and alcohol addiction are also quite high within the Vermont, which stands to reason considering the consumption rate. For Vermont, something has to change before addiction numbers can go down for good.
  • Close to 20% of Vermont residents reported binge drinking or chronic drinking in 2016
Vermont alcohol abuse chart
Source: United Health Foundation

Signs of Substance Abuse in Vermont

Substance Abuse VermontVermont is a small state that shouldn’t have such a huge drug addiction problem. Drugs seem to have taken over and their increasing availability is making it even easier for addicts to score.Vermont does offer residents the option to get treatment though. Both private and public facilities exist, offering detox, inpatient, outpatient rehab and holistic wellness programs are there to help.

There are certain signs and symptoms that you need to be aware of in case you suspect someone you love of having a substance abuse problem. By recognizing these symptoms and contacting Get Treatment for help, you could be saving a life.

Common Behavioral and Physical Signs of Substance Abuse
  • Lack of sleep or inability to sleep
  • Dramatic increase or drop in weight
  • Red, watery eyes or dilated pupils
  • Lack of care for hygiene or physical health
  • Mood swings, anxiety or depression
  • Poor coordination
  • Track marks or needle marks on arms or feet
  • Tremors or shakes
  • Twisting of the jaw frequently
  • Change in attitude and/or behavior
  • Affected work or school performance
  • Change of friends/social circle/activities
  • Lying, hiding, stealing from others
  • Lack of energy/self-esteem/motivation
  • Isolation from friends and family
  • Feeling of Paranoia
  • Getting in trouble with the law
  • Suspicious or secretive behavior

Vermont drug and alcohol treatment centers can help you begin your journey to recovery. Pick up the phone and speak with our admissions coordinators today.If you’re fighting drug addiction, seek help now. If you’re abusing hard drugs, getting help could be the difference between a bright future or no future at all.

Vermont Drug and Alcohol Treatment Centers

There are a number of different drug and alcohol treatment centers to choose from in Vermont. At Get Treatment, our caring professionals understand that finding the right Vermont addiction treatment program that fits your needs can be difficult and overwhelming. This is why we offer free and confidential assessments and insurance verification. Our trusted and compassionate admissions coordinators are available 24/7 to answer any questions you may have. We can guide you through the process, and make sure you find the right Vermont drug and alcohol rehab center for your needs.

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Vermont Drug and Alcohol Detox ProgramsDrug Detox Vermont

Detoxing the body of the harmful and addictive chemicals found in drugs and alcohol is often the first and very important step in the rehabilitation process. Long-term, heavy drug abuse has physical and emotional side effects. Trying to stop abruptly can create major problems for addicts that are not easy to deal with. Detox can help many people through the first stages of recovery.

There are generally two forms of detox protocols that can be used for recovering addicts. One takes a more medical approach, and the other focuses on more holistic remedies. The type of detox protocol you need will vary depending on certain factors, including:

  • Your history of substance abuse and/or addiction
  • Your history with detox and/or treatment
  • The state of your physical health when you seek detox services

There are generally two forms of drug detox that you can choose from, a natural or non-medical detoxification or a medicated detox protocol.

Medical detox protocols are often the best and most effective choice for drug and alcohol detox. Medical detox uses medication to help control withdrawal and its related symptoms.

The advantages to a medical detox include:

  • The availability of medical professionals 24/7
  • Patients are slowly weaned off drugs and kept stable with medications
  • Medical staff is on hand to handle complications and/or emergencies

For some addicts, medication is the difference between successful recovery and continuing to use drugs.

A medical detox is especially beneficial for individuals who are addicted to opiates such as Heroin, Vicodin, and OxyContin. It is also essential for long-term alcoholics, as symptoms of alcohol withdrawal can be especially dangerous.

Natural detox can be done in a detox facility that does not provide medication for withdrawal. Essentially, the individual stops using the drug(s) or alcohol and essentially detoxes “cold turkey.” While there are usually no medical specialists on staff, there will be some type of addiction professional who can monitor the patient’s vital signs and contact 911 in case of a medical emergency.

While the natural drug detox can help individuals overcome their physical addiction to drugs and alcohol, it comes with many challenges. Detoxing cold turkey is not ideal for anyone who has been abusing drugs or addicted to a substance for an extended period of time.

Withdrawal symptoms associated with hard drugs can be very uncomfortable, and even painful. There is a higher risk of experiencing life-threatening effects without the aid of medication to ease these symptoms. It also increases the risk of relapse as most people would rather take the drug in order to avoid nasty symptoms that come with withdrawal.

Vermont Drug and Alcohol Treatment Programs

Alcohol and drug abuse can quickly turn an idyllic life into one of devastation and pain. Getting treatment can help you recover and avoid suffering any longer. At Get Treatment, we can help you find the right Vermont drug treatment program. There a number of different treatment centers in Vermont. Some offer residential treatment, while others offer and outpatient rehabilitation programs.

  • Short-term residential rehab programs require that patients live in the treatment facility for a pre-determined period of time, usually 30 to 90 days. During this time, they can receive treatment services that include medical detox, individual and group counseling, family therapy, relapse prevention, holistic treatments like massage therapy and yoga, and aftercare services. This type of treatment is most beneficial for individuals who suffer from long-term addiction. The structured living environment is conducive to recovery and helps to lower the risk of relapse. Group Counseling Vermont
  • Outpatient rehabilitation care is offered in varying degrees of length and intensity. It is most suitable for people who cannot leave their jobs or responsibilities at home. Patients attend weekly therapy sessions to learn coping techniques and maintain accountability. It’s important to note that some of these types of programs are less intensive, and therefore require the patient to have a strong support system and commitment to sobriety.
  • Intensive outpatient rehab programs or IOP is a step down from short-term residential treatment. While patients do not have to reside in the treatment facility, they are required to attend daily or weekly scheduled individual and group-based therapy sessions.

How can Addiction Treatment in Vermont Help Me?

Treatment for alcohol or drug addiction can help break the cycle of substance abuse that could otherwise last a lifetime. People who seek treatment for drug and alcohol addiction in Vermont will find that there are a number of drug treatment programs and rehab options to choose from. Let us help you find the right one.