1 day 10 Overdoses: South Florida Opioid Epidemic

1 day 10 Overdoses: South Florida Opioid EpidemicOn just one day this month in Palm Beach County, 10 people died of opioid overdoses, shocking first responders, drug experts, and citizens alike. Experts believe that the sudden increase in deaths is related to an increase in the amount of local heroin supplies that have been laced with fentanyl and other deadly additives. These upticks in opiate overdose deaths often occur in clusters, and usually happen just as impure batches of heroin travel from drug producers and distributors to local users in South Florida.

Opioid Epidemic Also Strikes in Nearby Broward County

While Palm Beach County has been highly affected, it’s not the only part of South Florida that’s been ravaged by scores of deaths related to opioid abuse. It’s all part of a growing trend of opioid overdose deaths in the tri-county area. Last year, 159 people died from overdoses of heroin or synthetic heroin in nearby Broward County, Florida. About half of last year’s overdoses in Broward involved fentanyl, which is often given to cancer patients and is up to 50 times stronger than heroin. This year, deaths involving fentanyl are up by 200%, making it a subject of great concern for law enforcement, emergency rooms, first responders, and the families and friends of individuals suffering from opiate addiction.

South Florida’s Addiction Crisis is Just One Example of a Nationwide Trend

South Florida’s law enforcement and medical community have been stretched increasingly thin while trying to deal with a growing epidemic, but other areas of the U.S. have been hit far worse by the scourge of opioid abuse. In particular, the states of Kentucky, Indiana, West Virginia, and Pennsylvania have been affected by heroin, fentanyl, and carfentanil overdoses, ending thousands of lives and costing millions in medical expenses and lost economic productivity.

One person dies from an opioid overdose in America every 25 minutes. Drugs like OxyContin, heroin, and fentanyl destroy lives, families, and communities. Unfortunately, not enough is being done to prevent this growing problem from further affecting our children, schools and families, and to help those who are addicted so they can get the help they desperately need.

Finding an Accredited Drug Treatment Center

At Get Treatment, it’s our mission to help addicts and their families get the support and treatment they need to live a life free of addiction. Our network of accredited opioid addiction treatment centers provides patients a variety of rehab programs that are tailored to meet the patient’s individual needs. Each of our centers focuses on creating an individualized treatment plan for every single patient and taking steps not only to treat their addiction, but to heal their mind, body, and spirit, giving them the tools to live a fulfilling, rewarding, and sober life.


Erica Loret de Mola


Erica Loret de Mola is a communications major who has been writing about addiction treatment for approximately three years. As content manager and editor in chief of Get Treatment, she strives to provide the most accurate and current information available to our clients.


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