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addiction-treatmentOvercoming a substance use disorder takes time, commitment, and the support of others. Drug and alcohol addiction are chronic, progressive diseases that require professional treatment. Our addiction treatment centers are designed to help those who struggle with substance abuse and dependence.

Our certified addiction treatment specialists understand that every person is unique, and therefore, a specialized treatment program is required. The goal is to provide you with the tools, guidance and support you’ll need to achieve lasting sobriety and avoid relapse.

The treatment centers we have partnered with all have the same objective – to help patients receive the best quality care by providing evidence-based and holistic treatment that heals body, mind and spirit. The specific level of care is determined through a careful and individualized assessment of each patient. This helps our addiction professionals discern what treatment plan will work bet for every person, based on their individual needs.

Along with quality care, we also strive to ensure each person’s privacy and safety throughout the treatment process. Our continuum of care is delivered across all treatment services, and is adjusted depending on the patient’s progress. Physical and mental health will be assessed upon arrival by board-certified doctors and licensed psychiatrists. They will then confer with other members of the treatment center staff to determine the most appropriate course of treatment.

All of our treatment services share fundamental elements. Rehab programs provide comprehensive, individualized care for the physical addiction, as well as for the treatment of any co-occurring emotional and psychological issues.  All staff members are trained to deal with addiction and co-occurring disorders, including, but not limited to our board-certified doctors, licensed psychologists, clinical social workers, addiction counselors and nurses.  Medication management plans can be integrated into treatment if deemed necessary, and are monitored to ensure compliance and patient safety.

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