Can I Lose my Job if I go to Rehab?

Can I Lose my Job if I go to RehabThe benefits of seeking treatment for addiction are immeasurable. Achieving sobriety can positively impact your mental and physical health, relationships and career, just to name a few. It makes you wonder, why would anyone refuse treatment? Justifiably, many people are hesitant to seek drug or alcohol rehab because they are afraid it may impact their careers. Many people may ask, can I lose my job if I go to rehab?

The truth is, your job should never come before your health and overall well-being. And although losing one’s job is a reasonable concern, it most likely will not be an issue. In the present day, job security is guaranteed in many situations regarding substance abuse and addiction.

Legalities of Firing an Employee Who is in Addiction Rehab

Under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) people cannot be discriminated against because of a disability- alcoholism qualifying as a disability. Even if your job performance has suffered as a result of drinking, your employer cannot fire you if you begin rehab before they decide to take disciplinary action. This act does not protect those who abuse illegal drugs.

The Family and Medical Leave Act often fills in the gaps in more vague situations. The FMLA ensures that full time employees can get up to 12 weeks off every years (either paid or unpaid) in order to handle a serious health condition. As long as your employer does not have a reason to fire you beforehand, under this act your job should be secure.

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Rest assured that most treatment centers have dealt with clients who have had exactly the same concerns. They are willing to work with you and contact your employer if need be. Remember, treatment not only benefits you, but it also benefits those you surround yourself with. After treatment, you will likely return to work more upbeat, productive, and motivated to succeed.

There is no way to determine exactly how your employer will react to you taking a leave of absence, although in most situations there is a positive outcome. As a final thought, is anyone who would stand in the way of your health and happiness someone you would want to work for? At Get Treatment, we understand your concerns. Many people struggling with addiction wonder, “Can I Lose my Job if I go to Rehab?”. Let us assure you that your health and well-being is our top priority. We can work with your insurance and employer to ensure you have a smooth transition back to work after rehab.


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