Helping a Loved One Get Treatment for Addiction

Helping a Loved One Get Treatment for AddictionChoosing a life free of substance abuse can be very intimidating for someone who has given up years to drugs or alcohol. Therefore, it is often necessary for an addict’s loved ones to step in and aid in this process. If you have a loved one who who needs to get treatment for addiction to drugs or alcohol, staging an intervention may help encourage them to seek help. An intervention involves educating yourself about this disease and then setting up a formal meeting with the loved one. During this meeting you and other concerned family members and friends will confront the user with your concerns regarding their addiction and the effects it has had on others.

How to Help Someone you Love Get Treatment for Addiction

Here are a few steps you and other family members can take to keep your efforts positive and productive:

  • Educate yourself- Learn about addiction. This can be done by attending local support groups and simply conducting research online. Hearing the stories of others and learning how an addiction is formed will make you feel less hopeless and alone in the fight. It will also help you relate to your loved one in ways they will appreciate in the future.
  • Develop a plan– It can be tempting to hold an unplanned intervention, as you want your loved one to seek help as soon as possible. An impromptu intervention will likely be unsuccessful and close your loved ones mind to any or your future efforts.

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  • Conduct the intervention– The purpose of an intervention is not to physically force your loved one into rehab, it is to share your (non-judgmental) feelings, and provide consequences should they not accept help. A professional interventionist can help improve the chances that the intervention will lead to your loved one seeking help.
  • Follow through with your word– If you told your loved one that they could no longer live with you if they refused help, you must stick to your word. If they accepted help and you told them they would be leaving for treatment the next day, they must leave the next day. False threats and false promises will only hurt your relationship further.
  • Support your loved one throughout treatment– Alcohol and drug treatment is not easy, your loved one will need all the support they can get during their time in rehabilitation. Pick them up and drop them off when they need you, call them when you said you would call, and provide healthy encouragement.

Your Loved One Needs You

Encouraging your loved one to get treatment for a drug or alcohol addiction may be a difficult process, but a rewarding one to say the least. At Get Treatmen, we can help guide you through the intake process to ensure your family member or friends gets the adequate help and treatment they need. Speak to one of our admission specialists if you have any questions relating to interventions and treatment process. It is never too late to ask for help. Call now.


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