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Kansas Drug and Alcohol TreatmentKansas Drug and Alcohol Addiction Treatment

Substance abuse and addiction is primary concern in the United States, and is a problem that is continuing to grow at a rapid rate. The state of Kansas faces many unique challenges with drug abuse, mainly because of its location in the heart of the country. Due to the state being at the center of transportation, drugs of all classifications are incessantly trafficked through Kansas, making it easy for residents to acquire any drug of preference.

With more residents becoming dependent on drugs and alcohol in the Sunflower State, the demand for addiction treatment is higher than ever. Kansas drug and alcohol treatment centers are widely available throughout the state to help people who are struggling. There are a variety of treatment programs offered in Kansas, and the right drug rehab facility will tailor the treatment plan to fit your individualized needs.

Alcohol is the most heavily abused substance throughout the United States, and Kansas is no exception to the rule. Because of alcohol’s ready availability and the social acceptability of drinking,

This is significantly higher than the national average at 6.7%. Between 2010 and 2014, SAMHSA reports that only 6.4% of people addicted to alcohol got adequate treatment to address the issue.

The data provided by SAMHSA indicates that only 2.4% of Kansas residents are addicted to illicit drugs in any given year, a figure slightly below the national rate of 2.6%.

According to the Kansas Substance Abuse Profile, the drugs most commonly abused in Kansas include:

  •  marijuana
  • cocaine
  • prescription drugs, particularly painkillers
  • methamphetamine

Marijuana is the state’s most popular illicit drug, with more than one in three people aged 12 and over reporting that they have used it during their lifetime.

Abuse of prescription drugs is also relatively common; more than 20% of people surveyed said they had used prescription drugs to get high at least once.

How Do I Find Drug Treatment in Kansas?

There are over 200 drug and alcohol treatment centers in Kansas. The professionals at Get Treatment understand how difficult and overwhelming it can be to find the right drug treatment program in Kansas. For this reason, we offer confidential and free assessments and insurance verification. Our trusted and caring admissions coordinators are available 24/7, and can answer any questions you may have. We can guide you through the process, and make sure you find the right Kansas drug rehab center for your needs.

What Are Common Risk Factors for Substance Abuse in Kansas?

Young adults in Kansas between the ages of 18 and 25 have the highest rates of substance abuse, particularly of marijuana and prescription painkillers, according to the Kansas Substance Abuse Profile. 18- to 25-year-olds also abuse cocaine at a higher rate than any other age group.

Among Kansas high school students, non-whites are significantly more likely to use marijuana, cocaine, and methamphetamine than whites are. The difference in rates of marijuana use is particularly striking. The Kansas Substance Abuse Profile notes that 21.7% of black students and 20.2% of students of other races, including Hispanic students, said they had used marijuana in the past 30 days, compared to only 13.8% of white students.

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Kansas Drug and Alcohol Detox Programs

A person who is dependent on drugs or alcohol will likely experience symptoms of withdrawal when they attempt to stop using. The type of withdrawal symptoms that arise, as well as the severity of symptoms, will depend on the substance of abuse, severity of addiction, and how long a person has been abusing alcohol or drugs. No one should attempt to quit “cold turkey,” because the process of withdrawal can be very dangerous, an even life-threatening. Attempting to quit using drug and alcohol without medical support from a Kansas drug detox facility can result in relapse, as the temptations and cravings to use become unmanageable for many people during this fragile time in a state of vulnerability. Drug and alcohol detox programs in Kansas can help individuals break their physical addiction, and help them transition into the next phase of treatment.

Kansas Addiction Rehab Centers

If you live in Kansas and want to stop using drugs or alcohol, there are numerous treatment options available to you. Kansas drug rehab facilities offer both inpatient and outpatient treatment services, which provide individualized recovery plans to meet the unique needs of each resident.

Prior to being admitted into a program for addiction treatment in Kansas, the rehab facility will first need to perform a detailed assessment. After completing the assessment, medical professionals will evaluate and determine the appropriate approach to treatment, as well as design a comprehensive treatment plan that will work best for you.Addiction Counseling in Kansas

Kansas drug and alcohol treatment centers offer a full spectrum of rehabilitation services, from early intervention treatment to inpatient addiction recovery programs. For people who need treatment, but do not require 24-hour care, outpatient services are available on both a regular and intensive basis. These programs provide counseling and training to help individuals overcome addiction and live a balanced, healthy lifestyle.

Kansas drug detox services and inpatient treatment programs are widely available as well. Residents of the state who need to detox in a structured, medically-supervised environment can choose between medical and non-medical detox. Patients who complete detox usually transition to inpatient treatment or a residential rehab program. During their stay, residents attend individual and group counseling sessions, and are taught to learn the tools and skills they need in order to cope with cravings and temptations that have the potential to cause relapse. Individuals who struggle to live as productive members of society can also participate in therapeutic community treatment, a long-term residential program that aims to rehabilitate participants’ attitudes and lifestyles as well as their substance abuse problems.

Like many other areas of the country, Kansas has a growing problem with opioid and heroin abuse. To fight this problem and reduce overdose deaths, methadone maintenance treatment programs are now more available throughout the state. This particular Kansas drug treatment program exists in many of the popular cities, including Wichita, Topeka, Kansas City, Lawrence, and Overland Park.

How Can Kansas Drug and Alcohol Treatment Centers Help?

There is a variety of treatment programs in Kansas for people struggling with substance abuse and addiction. When considering addiction treatment in Kansas, it is of the highest importance important to locate the rehabilitation program that will best suit your needs. Whether you are struggling with a mild addiction, or you have developed a severe dependence on drugs or alcohol, the right inpatient or outpatient treatment program can help you successfully recover.

Find treatment from a certified Kansas drug and alcohol treatment center today. Contact our admissions coordinators for more information about how to begin your recovery journey.