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Louisiana Drug and Alcohol TreatmentAddiction Treatment in Louisiana

Similar to all other states in America, Louisiana endures many challenges with drug abuse and addiction. The state has suffered a number of tragedies in recent decades, such as the damage and destruction caused by Hurricane Katrina, which devastated the entire country. The impact of this catastrophic event brought the U.S. together, similar to how every state is now working together as a whole to put an end to the drug epidemic that has taken the country by storm. Although rates of drug abuse are higher in Louisiana than the national average, Louisiana drug and alcohol treatment centers are committed to helping residents who struggle with addiction to find their way on the path to recovery.

The Pelican State is a lively place, with countless attractions, beautiful architecture, warm weather, a joyful atmosphere, a welcoming community, and of course, exceptional food. In addition to these wonderful attributes, Louisiana has also implemented many strategies to lower drug use and increase access to addiction rehabilitation services. As a result, The Pelican State is now an ideal location for people to start their recovery journey. If you have a strong desire to overcome problems with substance abuse or drug dependence, Louisiana drug and alcohol treatment centers can help you achieve a lasting recovery.

What Are Drug Abuse Trends in Louisiana?

Drug and alcohol addiction is a disease that affects millions of Americans across the United States. In Louisiana, about 7.5% of people use alcohol heavily, while roughly 6% of individuals struggle with progressed alcohol dependence. Almost 3% of residents are also dependent on drugs, which is higher than the national average of 2.6% (Behavioral Health Barometer Louisiana, 2015). Substance abuse and addiction cause a person’s brain and body to suffer biochemical and psychological changes, both of which can receive necessary attention through professional rehabilitation programs. For people who have developed a drug or alcohol dependence, Louisiana drug and alcohol treatment centers can help.

How Can I Find Louisiana Drug Treatment?

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Why Do I Need Detox at a Louisiana Rehab Facility?

Detoxification is often the first step along a person’s journey of recovery from addiction. Detox aids addicts in coping with the effects of withdrawal from alcohol or from drugs, such as opiates and benzodiazepines. Depending on the severity of one’s addiction, a detoxification program will require either complete abstinence from drug use or the commencement of a medical maintenance program. During a maintenance medication program, a patient begins taking a less addictive, less potent drug that works similarly to the drug of abuse, but in a safe manner. The patient’s dose of the medication is tapered off slowly over a long period of time, rather than all at once. Maintenance programs will be needed in the event that abrupt cessation will put the patient at risk for medical danger or lead to powerful cravings that may cause relapse.

The Role of Intervention Services in Addiction Treatment

People in Louisiana exhibit fairly low rates of seeking treatment for drug or alcohol problems. Only about 7.1% of people who are dependent on alcohol and 16.6% of people who are dependent on drugs receive treatment (Behavioral Health Barometer Louisiana, 2015). Intervention services can help turn these numbers around. A trained interventionist can assist an addict’s loved ones in determining which intervention approach will be the most effective at convincing the individual to accept treatment. While surprise interventions are still commonly used, many intervention specialists today prefer an invitational intervention model. Invitational interventions can often produce a greater sense of trust and a higher likelihood of the addict agreeing to go to treatment.

What Louisiana Treatment Programs Are Available?

The biggest component of most Louisiana drug and alcohol treatment programs is one-on-one counseling sessions with a trained therapist who specializes in addiction treatment. Licensed counselors utilize a number of therapeutic techniques to help people overcome addiction, including cognitive-behavioral therapy, contingency management, and motivational interviewing. If family members or significant other have a strong role to play in a person’s addiction recovery, then family or couple’s counseling is a valuable option as well. Counseling sessions, especially for addiction, frequently take place in a group setting with others who are in treatment.

Medically assisted counseling is becoming a more widely utilized form of treatment. For patients who experience strong cravings for drugs or alcohol, or who struggle with mental illness in addition to addiction, certain pharmaceutical drugs can assist them in the treatment process. Medically assisted treatment can be of great help for people with severe addictions or a longer history of substance abuse.

People who have a prolonged history of substance abuse or acute addictions can also benefit from treatment at an inpatient facility. Residential rehabilitation facilities provide the structured and controlled environment that many people need in order to focus solely on their recovery. Patients benefit from having round-the-clock emotional and medical support, which helps them cope more efficiently with cravings and thoughts of using their substance of choice again. Upon leaving an inpatient facility, many patients make the constructive decision to continue their treatment in an outpatient program. Outpatient treatment also serves as the more suitable option for rehabilitation for people with less severe addictions.

Outpatient rehabilitation generally involves visits to a treatment center for about 10 to 12 hours every week. These visits commonly consist of one-on-one counselling sessions and group therapy meetings. Self-help, 12-step programs are often a regular component of outpatient treatment. Research shows that the higher levels of commitment a person makes to these programs, the less likely they will be to suffer a relapse in the future.

Does Louisiana Offer Specialized Drug Rehab Programs?

Addiction rehabilitation programs work best when treatment also extends to a person’s physical and mental health. For example, people with medical conditions or mental illnesses, which may have driven them to find relief in drugs or alcohol, have a much better chance at achieving a successful recovery when all of their problems are properly addressed. Treating only the addiction while ignoring other issues can easily result in relapse.

Holistic treatment programs are available to people in Louisiana who are looking for help overcoming substance abuse. Trying to overcome an addiction on your own can be next to impossible. Working with addiction professionals who strive to understand you as a whole person is a major key to success.

How Can Louisiana Drug and Alcohol Treatment Help?

Louisiana has an assortment of rehabilitation programs available throughout the state for people in need of assistance with overcoming substance abuse and addiction. When seeking professional addiction treatment, it is in your best interest to consider all of the options available in order to discover which facility will be the most suitable for you. With the right treatment program, you can find success in your recovery from addiction.

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