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Maryland Drug and Alcohol TreatmentFind Drug and Alcohol Addiction Treatment in Maryland

In the last decade, a heroin and opioid epidemic began to sweep the nation, and it wasn’t long before every state in U.S. was affected by the outbreak. Maryland faces unique challenges in fighting substance abuse and addiction, but the state’s exponential rise in drug overdose deaths is on par with the rest of the country.

Fortunately for residents of the Old Line State who need professional help overcoming addiction, there are a number of Maryland drug and alcohol treatment centers available to help. It is important to consider all treatment options available before deciding on which rehab facility will best fit your needs. No matter the severity of your addiction or which drug you are dependent on, the right Maryland drug and alcohol treatment center can offer you success in your recovery.

Maryland Substance Abuse Statistics

Addiction, whether it be to drugs or alcohol, is a debilitating disease that when left untreated can progress to produce a variety of social, physical, mental, and legal consequences.

  • In Maryland, the rates of alcohol dependence and abuse (6.7%) and drug dependence and abuse (2.8%), are both slightly higher than the national average (Behavioral Health Barometer Maryland, 2015).
  • Overdose deaths are on the rise, jumping 60% from 2010 to 2013 and 21% from 2013 to 2014
  • Over 85% of these deaths involve opioids, such as heroin, prescription painkillers, and fentanyl (Drug- and Alcohol-Related Intoxication Deaths in Maryland, 2014).

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Centers in Maryland

There are over 300 drug and alcohol treatment centers in Maryland. Our Get Treatment addiction professionals understand how difficult and overwhelming it can be to find the right drug treatment program in Maryland. This is why we offer free and confidential assessments and insurance verification. Our trusted and caring addiction specialists are here 24/7 to answer any questions you may have. We can guide you through the process, and make sure you find the right Maryland drug rehab center for you.

How does an Intervention Help?Drug Intervention Maryland

While many people who struggle with addiction seek out help themselves, some addicts need the help of friends and family in the form of an intervention. An intervention seeks to motive an addict to recognize their need for treatment and to accept help.

While some interventions are informal, others utilize the help of a professional interventionist. An interventionist can be a great help in choosing the type of intervention which is likely to be most successful for a particular person, and in providing a direction for treatment options.

Can I Find Drug Detox Services in Maryland?

Likewise, while some people can abruptly quit using drugs or alcohol and enter treatment immediately after, others need to go through a period of detox at a medical detoxification center. In some cases it can be incredibly difficult or downright dangerous to suddenly stop using drugs or alcohol. Severe withdrawal symptoms can sometimes lead an addict to relapse and may even cause medical distress.

Detox centers in Maryland allow patients to rid their body of the addictive substance in a slow and controlled manner or, as is often the case in opioid treatment, to begin a medical maintenance program where the dose is tapered over a much longer period of time. Depending on the severity of the addiction, different detox protocols are available, including medically supervised detox and non-medical detoxification services.

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Maryland Drug and Alcohol Treatment Programs

Rates of addiction and overdose deaths in Maryland can both be reduced if more people entered treatment for drug and alcohol addiction.

For many people, the first step of addiction treatment will involve counseling along with medications to help decrease the cravings for drugs or alcohol. Combining medication with psychosocial therapeutic methods often produces the best results, as it gives the patient the opportunity to focus on treatment without spending all of their mental energy fighting cravings, and to work more effectively with their counselor. Addictions counselors often approach patients at the beginning of treatment by using methods such as motivational interviewing. Once they have motivated their patient to want to achieve successes in treatment, counselors turn to using cognitive-behavioral therapies to help change a patient’s behavioral and thought patterns.Addiction Group Counseling in Maryland

Aside from one-on-one counseling sessions, much addiction recovery takes place in a community setting, at the meetings of addiction recovery groups such as Alcoholics Anonymous. Alcoholics Anonymous and other similar groups use twelve-step facilitation therapy to provide those in recovery with structure and with the chance to take part in goal-directed behavior. People who work their way through the different steps have consistently shown more successful treatment outcomes and lower rates of relapse.

When considering addiction treatment programs, must decide whether it would be best to seek help from an inpatient or an outpatient facility. For those with progressed and severe addictions, the 24-hour support and structure provided by an inpatient facility can be far more beneficial for their recovery. Other people may chose to take part in outpatient programs which allow them to continue living at home and in the community, but to spend a certain amount of hours a week receiving counseling and attending community addictions groups.

Specialized Addiction Programs in Maryland

The most successful addiction treatment programs are ones that take a holistic approach, assessing each person for all of the social, mental, socioeconomic, and other factors which may be contributing to their addiction.

For example, in Maryland, overdose deaths have increased particularly rapidly in people over the age of 55 (Drug- and Alcohol-Related Intoxication Deaths in Maryland, 2014). Treatment centers today tailor their approaches to meet the unique needs of such individuals and to understand that they may be at a unique risk of overdose.

How Can Maryland Drug and Alcohol Treatment Centers Help?

With the right therapeutic methods and the right level of motivation, any addiction can be successfully treated. If alcohol dependence or drug addiction has a hold on your life, do not hesitate to seek professional help. Find treatment from a certified Maryland drug and alcohol treatment center today. Call our admissions coordinators for more information about how to begin your recovery journey.