3 addiction treatment rehabs found in Nebraska

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Nebraska Drug and Alcohol Treatment NEAddiction Treatment in Nebraska

Nebraska is often overlooked in terms of drug abuse because of its relatively small population and Midwestern charm. Unfortunately, state residents suffer from similar addiction-related problems that plague the rest of the United States. Nebraska drug and alcohol treatment centers are here to help.

Fortunately, the state offers treatment programs for people who want to get help. Getting sober is not easy, but it is one of the best decisions you could ever make.  

The Cornhusker state is known for its rich farmland and friendly Midwestern residents. The slower pace in the Nebraska allows addicts to fully focus on their recovery without the distractions found in a bustling metropolis. Yet, the major cities Lincoln and Omaha offer an alternative approach for those who are looking for a more clinical approach to detox and treatment.

Drug Abuse in Nebraska

In general, Nebraska residents abuse drugs and abuse alcohol less than the national average. However, binge drinking rates are high within the state and many adults develop an alcohol dependence because of this.

New evidence from state drug reports also suggests that prescription opioids are becoming a more severe problem within the state. Long-term abuse of these medications can result in serious health consequences and an increased likelihood of an overdose-related death.

One the other hand teenage alcohol consumption and cigarette use has declined in the state since 2000. If these numbers are decreasing, it may help decrease binge drinking and alcoholism rates as adolescents enter adulthood.

Is Intervention Possible?

Holding an intervention for somebody you care about can be an overwhelming proposition. After all, you never quite know how it is going to go and you do not want to push an addict further into substance and add new problems or feelings of discomfort.

If you are going to hold an intervention, it is wise to enlist the help of a counselor with experience. They will help you set up the intervention, keep it factual and less emotionally driven, and ensure that treatment options are available for your loved one immediately- should they agree to accept help. 

Is Detox an Option?

Detox has helped many addicts deal with withdrawal symptoms that are likely for heavy drug or alcohol users. For some addicts, withdrawal can be so painful that it can make quitting nearly impossible.

In the state of Nebraska, there are a couple prominent types of detox programs that are often very helpful for most addicts.

. Medical detox uses detoxification medications and medical assistance to help an addict get through the withdrawal process. This eases the extremely unpleasant symptoms of withdrawal and therefore lessens the chances of relapse, making detox an essential first step toward long-term recovery.

. Non-medical detox does not provide drugs to users, focusing instead on a safe space where withdrawal can be dealt with comfortably. Other forms of therapy, such as holistic options, are sometimes utilized to help ease the symptoms of withdrawal.

What Nebraska Drug and Alcohol Treatment Centers Exist?

Nebraska drug and alcohol treatment programs offer options multiple options to residents of the state. Among the most common you will find include:

. Inpatient treatment lasts approximately 30 to 90 days depending on the severity of addiction. Addicts must reside at a the treatment facility while completing a variety of different addiction programming. This form of treatment often follows detox and many programs use medication designed to aid in the process. Inpatient care is recommended for anyone with a moderate to severe drug or alcohol abuse problem.

. Outpatient treatment allows clients to reside at home or at a sober living facility during their treatment regimen. Oftentimes addicts are able to fulfill responsibilities at home while they undergo treatment. Meetings are a common part of outpatient therapy. This form of therapy is not usually recommended for those with more severe addictions.

. Holistic drug rehabilitation treatment programs focus on general wellness and often do not provide medication. Some examples of holistic programs include meditation, chiropractic care, yoga, and nutrition programming. 

Specialized Programs

Specialized programs that cater to specific members of the community are becoming very popular in the state of Nebraska, as well as across the country. Examples of three of these programs include:

. Specialized programs for members of the LGBTQ community are available in Nebraska. Many members of the LGBTQ community find this more focused treatment ideal.

. Specialized programs for veterans are available through the VA hospital and outside private programs. Being with people who have had similar experience is important for those experiencing PTSD.

. Christian and other faith-related programs are available in Nebraska. Many rehab facilities include faith based treatment in the form of 12-step programs.

Why hesitate to take back the life addiction has stolen from you or a loved one? Contact an addiction specialist today and explore your options for Nebraska drug and alcohol treatment.