3 addiction treatment rehabs found in New Jersey

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Despite being one of the smaller states in the United States, New Jersey is a metropolis of its own. What often comes with a bustling metropolis you may ask? Drug and alcohol abuse is an epidemic in this nation and New Jersey is no exception. Luckily, New Jersey drug and alcohol treatment centers have the guidance and tools to help.  

The Garden State is famous for its bustling shores, boardwalks, and rich history. Its proximity to New York allows access to cutting edge addiction treatment without the stress of city life, making it an ideal recovery location. While getting help can be tough, there are treatment programs available to help residents end drug and alcohol abuse and dependence once and for all.

What are the most abused drugs in New Jersey?

With over 130 miles of coastline and bustling ports nearby, it is not incredibly difficult to smuggle drugs into the state. Due to this, the type of drugs used by residents has generally been somewhat varied.

Today, New Jersey is experiencing a major heroin crisis unlike anything law enforcement has seen before. From 2004 to 2014, more than 5,200 heroin-related deaths were recorded in the state according to the New Jersey Department of Criminal Justice.

While other drugs are a concern, and many are still struggling with alcohol addiction in the state, it is heroin that has many people worried about the overall health and well-being of residents. For addicts, heroin has never been easier to find.

Do I need to Conduct an Intervention?

Interventions can be very effective when it comes to getting addicts into treatment. Many times it takes a well-organized, relatively emotion free, meeting for addicts to come to terms with how their behavior has affected their loved ones. 

To avoid tension and heightened emotions, look to a trained counselor (known as an interventionist) to assist you through this process. Not only will they be able to steer the meeting in the right direction, but they will also be able to help an addict find a treatment program that works for them immediately upon agreeing to accept help. 

What are my options for detox?

Individuals who use drugs to the point of addiction often develop a physical and psychological dependence on their drug of choice. Quitting can be extremely difficult, both on an addicts body and mind. The negative symptoms associated with detoxing from drugs or alcohol are known as withdrawal.

. Medical detox works to ease some of the unpleasant symptoms associated withdrawal with medication. Medical professionals are usually available 24/7 in these facilities to keep patients as safe and comfortable as possible.

. Non-medical detox does not use drugs to help addicts withdrawal. Instead, these programs commonly utilize more holistic forms of therapy to ease the detoxification experience.

What Treatment Programs are Available at New Jersey drug and alcohol treatment centers?

Trying to beat alcohol and drugs without professional help can be nearly impossible. For those with severe addictions, it is not even safe. Fortunately, there are professional New Jersey drug and alcohol treatment programs with years of experience and an unmatched understanding of addiction to help you or your loved one.

There are three main types of drug treatment programs available for addicts.

. Inpatient treatment typically lasts anywhere from 14 to 90 days. During this time, addicts reside at the treatment facility and focus exclusively on general wellness. Medication, group and individual therapy, and relapse prevention programs are common aspects of treatment.

. Outpatient care typically lasts a few months, but users can reside at home, in order to continue working or attending to family obligations. Meetings and support groups are typically held from three to seven days a week.

. Holistic treatment aims to promote general wellness without the use of medication. Therapy, both in group and individual form, are a major part of holistic treatment programs, in addition to alternative treatment programs. For those with severe addictions, holistic treatment is not recommended.

Are Specialized Programs offered in New Jersey?

Specialized drug treatment programs have become more prominent at New Jersey drug and alcohol treatment centers in recent years. For New Jersey residents, a variety of specialized programs are available for addicts looking to recover from addiction.

. Christian-based rehabilitation organizations are available in the state of New Jersey. Many of these programs employ 12-step methods.

. LGBTQ community outreach services and private rehabilitation facilities for members of this community are available to help. Many LGBTQ community members find this specialized treatment much more helpful, especially from a therapeutic standpoint.

. VA hospitals and organizations offer help for addicts that were once in the armed services. Those suffering from PTSD and self-medicating often prefer to undergo these specialized treatment programs with peers.

Do not allow addiction to take one more day from you. New Jersey drug and alcohol treatment centers are here to help.