3 addiction treatment rehabs found in North Dakota

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North Dakota may not have a large population and from an outside perspective, most people probably picture an idyllic space where the biggest problem is the cold winter weather. In reality, North Dakota drug and alcohol treatment centers see a much different side to the picturesque state. The fact is that North Dakota residents are suffering from an addiction epidemic much like the rest of the states in the union.

The Peace Garden State is full of outdoor adventures and rich Native American history. The expansive natural surroundings and slow-paced mid-western way of living make North Dakota more than fitting for the recovery lifestyle. There are treatment options for individuals who want to turn their lives around once and for all. Explore the many benefits today.

What drugs are abused in North Dakota?

According to a 2012-2013 SAMHSA study, North Dakota residents have an alcohol dependence rate nearly two-percent higher than the national average. This alcohol abuse rate also translates to adolescents under the age of 21.

As oil continues to bring money into the state though, more and more Mexican cartels from the south are trying to bring drugs into the state. Methamphetamine, heroin and cocaine use rates are still lower than the national average, but these drugs are a major concern for law enforcement officials.

What are the benefits of an Intervention?

Trying to hold an effective intervention for an addict can be tricky business. You don’t want to scare the addict away and push them further toward the substance or substances of their choice after all.

For a successful intervention, consider hiring a counselor to lead you through the process. They’ll also be able to help the addict in your life get into a treatment program ASAP. For many, getting treatment the same day is the difference between getting clean and sober or staying addicted to drugs or alcohol.

What are my options for Detox at North Dakota drug and alcohol treatment centers?

Detox at North Dakota drug and alcohol treatment centers has been proven effective time and time again. For hard drug users or long-term alcohol addicts, detox can ease painful withdrawal symptoms and make the process of quitting less painful.

. Medical detox combines medication with medical treatment from trained staff members to alleviate withdrawal symptoms. Medical detox facilities often refer patients to inpatient care after detox is finished.

. Non-medical detox allows users a safe space to quit drugs without medication. For some long-term users, this type of detox may not be suitable.

What North Dakota treatment programs are right for me?

North Dakota has numerous treatment options available for addicts who are ready to take the first step towards recovery. These programs vary, as do the individual needs of each client.

. Inpatient treatment often lasts around 30 to 90 days and combines medicine, group and individual therapy. These types of treatment programs tend to be the most successful for long-term or heavy users.  

. Outpatient care allows an addict to stay at home with friends and family and maintain their responsibilities at home. Medications are sometimes used, but meetings and therapy are most common in these types of programs.

. Holistic treatment is ideal for people who want to achieve sobriety without the use of medications. The lack of medical intervention may be difficult for heavy users or for people with a long history of substance abuse.

Signs of Drug and Alcohol Addiction in North Dakota

North Dakota residents are simply drinking too much and becoming dependent on alcohol as a part of daily life. The long-term consequences of regular alcohol consumption and dependence are too high to ignore.

Every singly day more more people are turning to drugs like meth, heroin and prescription opioids that were once difficult to acquire in the state. Many attribute this influx of drugs to the oil money abundant in North Dakota, despite the harsh climate that once kept the state more isolated from these outside influences.

Treatment is available for North Dakota residents who are willing to take the first step in recovery. Whether you are thinking about detox, inpatient care, outpatient treatment or a holistic wellness program for yourself or somebody you love, there is no time like the present to get involved.

Once you get treatment you will wonder why you did not do it sooner. Contact North Dakota drug and alcohol treatment centers when you are ready to take your life back from addiction.