3 addiction treatment rehabs found in Ohio

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Ohio Drug and Alcohol Treatment OHAddiction Treatment in Ohio

Ohio had the second highest rate of overdoses resulting in death in 2014, according to a Centers for Disease Control and Prevention study. For a state with multiple universities that are well-known for partying, these rates are not unbelievable. Fortunately, Ohio drug and alcohol treatment centers have the qualified, supportive staff to put an end to this state and nationwide epidemic.

The Buckeye State has the best of both worlds, both an eastern and mid-western attitude. This makes it a comfortable recovery setting for people from all over the United States. The mix of cultures adds to the quality of treatment offered at Ohio drug and alcohol treatment centers. Whether you’re dealing with drug addiction or alcohol dependency, you do not have to suffer any longer. There’s simply no reason to live with addiction when help is available for you today.

What are the most abused drugs in Ohio?

Opioids, both prescription and illegal, are the major issue for residents of Ohio. With an increase of over 20 percent from 2014 to 2015, heroin and prescription pain medication are taking their toll on the state in unprecedented ways.

The worst part is that drug addiction in the area seems to be going up despite law enforcement efforts to crib the flow of illegal drugs. Opioids are not the only problem in the state though. While heroin and opioids are a serious problem, many suffer with alcohol addiction, cocaine addiction and an overuse of marijuana, although rates of occurrence are not higher than in the rest of the US. 

What is an addiction intervention?

An intervention is a staged meeting conducted by an addict’s loved ones. The purpose of this meeting is to encourage the addict to accept treatment in a non-confrontational manner.

Interventions can be complicated and many families fear that they will push an addict even further away. The fact is that an intervention can be highly beneficial if conducted the proper way. If you are going to stage an intervention, get help from a professional counselor. Their neutral standing and insight will give you the advantage you need moving forward. 

What is the difference between medical and non medical detox?

Abusing drugs and alcohol can severely damage your health. In many cases, detox at an accredited Ohio drug and alcohol treatment center can help alleviate withdrawal symptoms.

. Medical detox employs both a highly trained medical staff and medication to control withdrawal symptoms. For long-term or heavy users, this treatment is often recommended.  

. Non-medical does not involve medication, but is often accompanied by around the clock monitoring. A non-medical detox is not recommended for those with more severe addictions.

Ohio Drug and Alcohol Treatment Programs

Ohio has many treatment options available for those seeking treatment in the state. Choosing the right option is not always easy, especially without professional guidance, but getting into treatment is absolutely essential. 

. Inpatient treatment requires clients to reside at the facility they are being treated at. Programs often last about 30 to 90 days depending on the severity of your addiction. Both medications and therapy are commonly used.

. Outpatient programs allow users to stay at home, or live in a sober living community, while undergoing treatment. Meetings are held and medication may or may not be used. Therapy, either group or individual therapy, will often accompany outpatient programming. This form of treatment is not recommended for addicts with more severe addictions.

. Holistic programs focus on general wellness. They do employ the use of medication, instead they focus on alternative healing and therapy sessions. Holistic programs are more beneficial for those with mild to moderate addictions.

Why Seek Treatment?

Addiction has the ability to completely flip anyone’s life upside down. In Ohio, it is opioids such as heroin and prescription pain medication that are destroying the lives of people in the area.

Reaching out for treatment, whether you choose inpatient care, outpatient care or holistic programs, is the first step toward recovery. Whether you are using opioids, abusing alcohol or any other harmful substances, there is no time like the present to seek help.

If you are suffering from addiction or you simply know somebody that needs help, you cannot wait for treatment any longer. With overdose rates souring in the state of Ohio, you must be aware that the time to change is now.

Do not let addiction take hold of one more day of your life. Dial Ohio drug and alcohol treatment centers and discover what it truly means to find freedom from addiction.