3 addiction treatment rehabs found in Oregon

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Oregon Drug and Alcohol Treatment ORAddiction Treatment in Oregon

Addiction is a chronic and commonly relapsing disease where an addict will become both physically and mentally dependent on drugs or alcohol. Oftentimes they will do whatever it takes to seek out a substance, regardless of having an awareness of the negative consequences associated with their habit. Addiction causes chemical changes in the brain and often necessitates professional addiction treatment. Oregon drug and alcohol treatment centers are here to provide the support that residents need to take their lives back once and for all.

The Beaver State sits on the coast of the Pacific Northwest. From mountains and thick forests, to some of the most picturesque coastal views in the nation, Oregon has something for everyone. The quirky Portland culture and stunning landscapes make it optimal for those needing an escape for recovery. Oregon Drug and Alcohol Treatment Centers can help you take the first step towards a sober future.

What types of Oregon Drug and Alcohol Treatment Programs are Available?

Oregon drug and alcohol treatment centers offer varying holistic services designed to help a person become and stay sober. Examples of these programs include: 

  • Inpatient Rehabilitation: This program type involves staying on-site at a rehabilitation treatment facility, usually anywhere from two weeks to 60 days to focus on building the skills needed to get and stay sober.
  • Long-Term Outpatient Rehabilitation: Sometimes people need longer rehabilitation support services. This can include staying at a rehabilitation facility for six months or longer.
  • Medical Detox: A medical detox program helps a person through the initial withdrawal phase. Withdrawing from substance abuse can cause many symptoms that may cause a person to relapse or can be threatening to their overall health.
  • Outpatient Rehabilitation: Outpatient rehabilitation is an alternative to inpatient treatment or can also serve as a support after a person had undergone inpatient treatment. This provides an opportunity for a person to receive counseling, participate in support groups, or other services that can help a person stay sober.
  • Twelve Step Programs: These programs have been in existence for nearly a hundred years to help those maintain sobriety. These programs are often in the form of group meetings and they tend to take on a spiritual approach.

In addition to these overall program options, some Oregon rehabilitation facilities offer specialty services. These can include programs specifically directed toward men, women, women with children, religious organizations, veterans, or the LGBT community. Some individuals prefer these focused treatment programs as a way to obtain holistic care.

How can Oregon intervention services in help?

Not all individuals struggling with addiction recognize they have a problem or that they need help for a problem. When this is the case, intervention services in Oregon can help. These services involve using professional intervention specialists to hold a meeting with an individual and their loved ones as a means to encourage the person to seek rehabilitation. Sometimes the family may give their loved one an ultimatum regarding seeking treatment or facing consequences.

Commonly Abused Drugs in Oregon

According to the Oregon Drug Control Update, the most commonly abused drugs in the state are marijuana, followed by stimulants, heroin, and other opiates. According to Oregon Live, an estimated 8,000 individuals sought treatment for heroin addiction in 2014. A number of addicts are young people, usually under the age of 35.

Opioid pain medication abuse is often considered the gateway to heroin abuse. According to Oregon’s Prescription Drug Monitoring Program, 25 percent of Oregonians received a prescription for opioid pain medications in 2013.

Drug and alcohol abuse can prove deadly for Oregonians who suffer from addiction. An estimated 322 Oregon residents die annually from unintentional drug overdose. According to Oregon.gov, death rates for males are 1.5 times higher than females. However, females were hospitalized due to drug overdose 1.2 times as often as men.

What are the signs of a drug or alcohol addiction in Oregon?

Drug and alcohol addiction in Oregon affects a person’s judgement, decision-making, and memory, among other effects. Signs a person is abusing drugs can include:

  • Changes in appearance, such as weight loss
  • Chronic dishonesty
  • Loss of motivation
  • Mood swings
  • Poor coordination
  • Secretiveness
  • Tremors in the hands or feet
  • Withdrawal from friends and family

These are just some of the general causes associated with drug and alcohol abuse. Seeking treatment for addiction in Oregon is imperative to helping a person reverse these and other symptoms before they can prove deadly.

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