3 addiction treatment rehabs found in Rhode Island

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Rhode Island Drug and Alcohol Treatment RIAddiction Treatment in Rhode Island

Rhode Island may be the smallest state in the United States, but that makes addiction no less of a threat to its residents. The small coastal state boasts a dense population and is relatively close to a few major port cities. So it should come at no surprise that drug abuse statistics in the state are high. Luckily, Rhode Island Drug and Alcohol Treatment are working to change drug trends in the Northeast.

The Ocean State is known for its seaside colonial towns and sandy shores. The charming, historic homes and fresh salty air make Rhode Island a serene setting for addiction recovery. Do not hesitate to see what the state has to offer and how it can help you on the road to recovery.

What are the most Abused Drugs in Rhode Island?

As a national average, about 8% of people throughout the United States said they have used an illicit drug in the last 30 days according to The New York Times and a 2007 National Survey on Drug Use and Health.

In the state of Rhode Island, that number is considerably higher. In fact, Rhode Island claims the top spot in the country with around 12% of respondents saying they used drugs within the past month.

In terms of addiction, Rhode Island has the biggest problem with cocaine, marijuana and alcohol. While it can be hard to use survey-related data for alcohol, the consumption of spirits is much higher in the state than the national average.

What is an Intervention?

An intervention is a formal meeting in which an addicts loved ones approach them about their addiction and encourage them to seek treatment- if they choose not to, there will be consequences. Interventions can be vital to begin the recovery process. The problem is that many people are afraid to conduct one for fear that they will push their loved one away even further. In many cases, how the intervention is held will determine its success rate. Interventions led by counselors with same-day access to appropriate facilities often are the most beneficial for both parties involved. 

Rhode Island Drug and Alcohol Treatment Detox Programs

Drug and alcohol abuse can destroy your life and the lives of those you love if left untreated. Detox is a proven option that can help addicts begin a process of long-term recovery.

. Non-medical detox works with patients to beat addiction by offering a safe place to get clean. Drugs are not used, instead these programs take a more therapeutic holistic approach.

. Medical detox places addicts in a setting where healthcare professionals are available to alleviate the symptoms of withdrawal. These programs utilize around the clock monitoring and specific medications to ease unpleasant symptoms of withdrawal. The type of medication used will depend on the drug or alcohol dependence in question. 

What Treatment Programs are right for Me?

Rhode Island has access to a variety of different treatment programs, some of which include:

. Inpatient programs require addicts to reside at the rehab while undergoing treatment. Programs often last about two weeks to 60 days and are the most thorough. Medication is commonly used. 

. Outpatient programs allow users stay at home while undergoing rehabilitation. Regular meetings are held, although programs vary from facility to facility. Medication may or may not be used. Outpatient treatment is not recommended for those with more severe addictions.

. Holistic programs focus on general wellness and usually do not enlist the help of medication. These programs are commonly paired with inpatient or outpatient programming.

Signs of Drug and Alcohol Addiction in Rhode Island

Addiction is a major problem for Rhode Island, as statistics show. People are abusing drugs and alcohol at an alarming rate. Cocaine, marijuana and alcohol abuse are major concerns for law enforcement and public health officials. Residents may be suffering and think they have nowhere to turn. 

If you are suffering from alcohol or drug addiction, finding a facility is key to sustained success. You do not have to let drugs and alcohol destroy your life and the lives of the people closest to you for one more day. Why wait one more day? Contact Rhode Island drug and alcohol treatment centers now and find freedom from addiction once and for all.