3 addiction treatment rehabs found in South Dakota

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South Dakota Drug and Alcohol Treatment SDAddiction Treatment in South Dakota

South Dakota is a state that most people may not relate to drug and alcohol addiction. This is not to say that it does not suffer from the same epidemic that is plaguing the United States. South Dakota is no stranger to the drug problem that is sweeping the nation. Fortunately, South Dakota drug and alcohol treatment centers have the professional staff and tools required to help propel the state out of this seemingly endless cycle of substance abuse.

The Mount Rushmore State gets its name for being home to one of the most famous monuments in the country. In addition to Mount Rushmore, South Dakota is known for its rolling prairies, Native American history, and the breathtaking Black Hills National Forest. When it is the right time, South Dakota could be the place for you to get sober.

What are the Drug Trends in South Dakota?

For a total national average, about 6.7% of people claimed to be dependent upon alcohol in 2012 and 2013 according to SAMHSA data. That rate is considerably higher in South Dakota, were 8% of residents are abusing alcohol on a regular basis.

That means that South Dakota’s major issue involves alcohol abuse. While there are certainly residents of the state that use and abuse illegal and illegally-prescribed drugs, the statistics are generally lower than average.

Fortunately, the youth in South Dakota tend to abuse drugs at a lower rate than average. Unfortunately, binge alcohol consumption rates among youth residents are about three-percent higher than the national average.

Why do I Need an Intervention?

Many addicts do not believe, or refuse to accept, that they have a problem. Due to this, interventions can help many people using and abusing drugs. However, it is important that they are conducted properly, in order to yield the best results. 

Ideally, you will have a counselor at your intervention, known as an interventionist. These counselors will guide the session and they also have access to treatment facilities where the addict can go the same day, should they accept help.

Do South Dakota Drug and Alcohol Treatment Centers Offer Detox?

Drug and alcohol abuse can damage both your mental and physical health and withdrawal can be incredibly unpleasant for many. For that reason, detox is available at many South Dakota drug and alcohol treatment centers.

. Medical detox provides a place where addicts can go and get medical attention to alleviate withdrawal symptoms. Medication is used and medical care is a valuable part of the experience.

. Non-medical detox provides a safe place for users to kick drugs and alcohol, without the use of medications. Instead, a more therapeutic, holistic approach is taken.

What Drug Treatment Programs Are Available?

South Dakota has a relatively small population, but this is not to say South Dakota drug and alcohol treatment centers are not equipped with options. 

. Inpatient programs give users a place to stay and get around the clock help to beat drug addiction. Inpatient programs are generally the most intensive of all, making them ideal for long-term addicts.

. Outpatient treatment programs allow addicts to stay at home and commute to meetings and therapy sessions. This can be an ideal treatment option for moderate addicts without a long-term history of abuse, or those with a strong system of support at home.

. Holistic programs do not enlist the help of medications, but rely on general wellness programs to keep patients healthy. These are often not ideal for long-term users, but can be helpful for some addicts, especially in the early stages of addiction.

Signs of Drug and Alcohol Addiction in South Dakota

Addiction is a serious problem for many residents of South Dakota, alcohol being the most prevalent issue. Adults are drinking at rates that are far too high for the general health of the state.

If you or a loved one is struggling with addiction, finding a treatment program that fits your needs is of the utmost importance. There is no time to waste when turning your life around.

South Dakota drug and alcohol treatment centers can help you make addiction a thing of the past. Call now and start living again.