3 addiction treatment rehabs found in Tennessee

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Tennessee is the 16th largest state in the US and is home to some of the most beautiful landscapes in the south. For residents, drug addiction paints an entirely different picture of day to day life than most people see from the outside. Addiction is on the rise in, but Tennessee drug and alcohol treatment centers have the treatment options for people from all walks of life who want to get help.

The Volunteer State is the heart of the country music scene and the home of the Great Smoky Mountains. Although landlocked, Tennessee is as unique and charming as they come, making it an ideal setting for recovery. Getting sober will not be easy, but when the consequences of staying an addict are so severe, there’s simply no other choice.

What are the drug abuse rates in Tennessee?

In 2014, overdose deaths rose from 1,166 the previous year to 1,263 according to the Tennessee Department of Health. Those numbers have gone up each year since 2011.

The state’s main issue is prescription opioid addiction, which is hammering many parts of the south. For teens and adults, opioid availability is posing a serious risk to overall health.

Surprisingly, the highest number of deaths is found among users between 44 and 55. In the state of Tennessee, prescription drug abuse has reached epidemic proportions. Other drugs exist and alcohol-related illnesses pose problems as well, but for Tennessee, the main issue is prescription opioid addiction.

What is the purpose of an intervention?

Interventions are relatively common among the recovery community, as friends and family members of addicts have began coming to terms with the power of positive support. The purpose of an intervention is to encourage your loved one to accept treatment in a non threatening way. If emotions run too high and the addict feels victimized then this could possibly push them even further away. Therefore, it is advised that you enlist the help of an experienced interventionist

An interventionist will help you plan the intervention, keep it on the right course, and have treatment options readily available. It is vital that an addict have treatment available to them the day of the intervention, if not there is a greater chance that they will not comply.

Is Detox an Option at Tennessee drug and alcohol treatment centers?

Drugs and alcohol can destroy your life, but quitting has consequences and side effects too. For long-term or heavy addicts, withdrawal can be very serious.

  • Medical detox provides medication to help addicts withdraw safely. This type of detox is often best for long-term or hard drug users.
  • Non-medical detox does not provide medication because most facilities don’t have the appropriate medical staff. Other forms of therapy like talk therapy or even guided meditation are commonly used to ease withdrawal symptoms.

What are my options for addiction treatment?

Drug and alcohol addiction can take a major toll on your life, but treatment options at Tennessee drug and alcohol treatment centers can help.

. Inpatient treatment gives users a place to reside during the rehabilitation process. Treatment programs typically last anywhere from two weeks to two months, though the duration of your stay will depend on your particular needs. Medication, group therapy and individual therapy are likely aspects of inpatient treatment.

. Outpatient care allows alcohol and drug abusers to stay at home while they recover from drug or alcohol abuse. This allows users to take advantage of a supportive home structure and maintain responsibilities at home. Outpatient programs meet regularly and medications may or may not be used, depending on the particular program.

. Holistic treatment does not involve medication, but an alternative, therapeutic approach. For those with severe addictions, this treatment may not be particularly effective. 

Signs of Drug and Alcohol Addiction

Tennessee residents have found themselves in the midst of an opioid epidemic that is damaging the lives of millions each and every year. Overdoes rates are steadily rising due to the ease of obtaining these drugs. 

Getting treatment for opioid addiction, as well as for other addictions, is the first step towards recovery. Quitting is not something most people can do on their own and professional help will give you the advantage you need to effectively maintain sobriety.

Do not let your life or the life of somebody you care about be ruined by drug or alcohol addiction for one more day. Tennessee drug and alcohol treatment centers can help you or you loved one finally find freedom from substance abuse and addiction.