3 addiction treatment rehabs found in Vermont

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Vermont has a small population of just over 625,000. It is known for its pleasing scenery and heavily forested land. For Vermont residents though, opiates are making the state a much less beautiful place. While addiction in Vermont a serious issue, there is hope available for people who want to get treatment. Professional help at Vermont drug and alcohol treatment centers is often the best way to stop the cycle of abuse, and there is no time like the present to get the treatment that you need.

The Green Mountain State is known for its naturally forested lanscapes and thousands of acres of mountainous hiking trails and ski slopes. Vermont is ideal for the recovery lifestyle because the state boasts many outdoor activities and is away from the hustle and bustle of city life. When you become serious about overcoming addiction, contact Vermont drug and alcohol treatment centers.

What are the Drug Trends in Vermont?

Vermont has the highest rate of illegal drug use in the United States according to a survey published by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Administration. Even more alarming, the state topped the list for almost every drug, from marijuana to cocaine and more.

This information clearly points to a major epidemic within the state. Despite law enforcement efforts to crack down on drug abuse and violations like drunk driving, Vermont residents are still using at an alarming pace.

Drug and alcohol addiction are also quite high within the state, which stands to reason considering the consumption rate. For Vermont, something has to change before addiction numbers can go down for good.

How can I Benefit from an Intervention?

Trying to hold an intervention for a friend or family member can be a scary proposition. What you don’t want is them running away out of anger or fear and turning to substances to get them through.

When you’re going to hold an intervention, the first thing you need to do is find an appropriate counselor to lead you. With the right counselor, an addict will see that you care for them and be able to enter the correct program on the same day.

Why do I need Detox?

Long-term, heavy drug use has physical and emotional effects. Trying to stop abruptly can create major problems for addicts that are not easy to deal with. Detox can help many people through the first stages of recovery.

. Medical detox uses medication to help control withdrawal and its related symptoms. For some addicts, medication is the difference between successful recovery and continuing to use drugs.

. Non-medical detox gives alcohol and drug abusers a safe space to beat addiction, but medication is not used to aid in this process. Other forms of therapy are typically used to help control withdrawal symptoms and ease recovery.

Vermont Drug and Alcohol Treatment Programs

Alcohol and drug abuse can turn an idyllic life into one of poverty and pain quickly. Getting treatment can help you recover and avoid suffering any longer. Finding the right type of treatment should be up to the addict and a healthcare professional with an understanding of addiction.

  • Inpatient treatment offers a residential facility where uses can have medication, individual and group therapy to recover. During this time, which is usually 14 to 60 days, addicts focus solely on getting better and improving their live.
  • Outpatient care offers treatment where users get to stay at home and work their jobs as usual. Meetings are held regularly and prescribed medication is often used to make relapse less likely, especially in the beginning stages of recovery.
  • Holistic treatment asks users to go without medication to beat addiction. For this reason, holistic treatment may not be practical for heavy users and long-term addicts.

Signs of Drug and Alcohol Addiction in Vermont

Vermont is a small state that shouldn’t have such a huge drug addiction problem. Drugs seem to have taken over and their increasing availability is making it even easier for addicts to score.

Vermont does offer residents the option to get treatment though. Both private and public facilities exist, offering detox, inpatient, outpatient rehab and holistic wellness programs are there to help.

If you’re fighting drug addiction, seek help now. If you’re abusing hard drugs, getting help could be the difference between a bright future or no future at all.

Vermont drug and alcohol treatment centers can help you begin your journey to recovery. Pick up the phone and speak with our admissions coordinators today.