3 addiction treatment rehabs found in Virginia

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Virginia Drug and Alcohol Treatment VAAddiction Treatment in Virginia

Drug addiction is a complex disease that affects a person’s mental and physical health. While those who are addicted to drugs may want to quit without professional assistance, the disease causes so many physical and psychological changes that it makes quitting without outside medical assistance extremely difficult, if not impossible. Therefore, Virginia drug and alcohol treatment centers are dedicated to the lives of those struggling with the dangerous disease.

The Old Dominion State, otherwise known as the mother of presidents or mother of states, extends from the Appalachian Mountains to the Chesapeake Bay. From its expansive Atlantic coastline to the miles of hiking trails, Virginia appeals to those from all walks of life- making it a sought out recovery setting.If you or a loved one suffers from a drug addiction, give Virginia drug and alcohol treatment centers a chance.

How Addiction Treatment in Virginia Helps

According to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), of all the people suffering from alcohol dependence or abuse in Virginia, an estimated 7.1 percent received treatment for their condition. Of those who use drugs illicitly, only an estimated 14.4 percent received treatment in Virginia.

Drug rehabilitation is most effective when it is offered in a holistic environment. This means the program focuses not only on the physical effects of addiction and withdrawal, but also the mental pull that drugs and alcohol can have over a person. Often it is only when both elements are addressed that a person can finally overcome his or her addictions to a drug.

Virginia Drug and Alcohol Treatment Programs

Drug treatment programs can provide a variety of services that include both inpatient (involving staying at the treatment center) as well as outpatient. Medical detox, counseling, cognitive-behavioral therapy, group therapy, family therapy, and wellness services, such as art therapy, meditation, and massage.

Some rehabilitation programs focus on helping a person overcome their addiction to opioids, such as heroin and prescription medications. One example is methadone, a prescription medication that can relieve pain, yet does not result in the euphoric high that heroin causes. According to SAMHSA, an estimated 5,318 people in Virginia are enrolled in methadone treatment programs. Another alternative to methadone is buprenorphine or Suboxone. This medication does not require as frequent monitoring as taking methadone. An estimated 1,278 Virginians are enrolled in a substance treatment program taking buprenorphine.

What Are the Most Commonly Abused Drugs in Virginia?

According to the White House Virginia Drug Control Update, an estimated 7 percent of Virginia residents reported using drugs in the past months. This number is roughly 1 percent less than the national average of 8 percent. The primary drug cited for substance abuse treatment admissions is Virginia. More than 6,000 Virginians sought treatment for marijuana addiction on an annual basis. This is followed by cocaine, heroin, and other opiates.

An estimated 850 deaths due to heroin and prescription opioids, such as oxycodone and hydrocodone, occurred in 2015, according to The Virginian Pilot. Of these deaths, more than 115 occurred in Hampton Roads.

According to a survey from Virginia.gov, nearly 22 percent of Virginia’s population ages 12 and older reported binge alcohol use in the past month. While binge alcohol use is not the same as alcoholism, binge alcohol use can be a symptom of the condition. The largest percentage of binge alcohol users were ages 18 to 25 (41 percent of those reporting binge alcohol use).

What Are the Signs of Drug or Alcohol Problems in Virginia?

Substance abuse can cause changes in a person’s physical and mental health. Examples of physical changes drug or alcohol problems can cause include:

  • Bloodshot eyes
  • Bruises
  • Pupils that are either dilated (too wide) or constricted (too small)
  • Weight loss

Behavioral and mental health symptoms associated with drug abuse include:

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Financial problems
  • Irritability
  • Memory loss
  • Mood swings
  • Withdrawal from friends and family

If a loved one displays these behaviors, it is important to help the loved one find the help they need at Virginia drug and alcohol treatment centers.