Five Tips for a Sober Summer

Summer is here, and there is no better time to enjoy the beauty and gifts life has to offer. From the sun and beach to barbecues with family and friends, and the chance to travel, the opportunities for a sober summer are endless. Parties and vacations can also be dangerous pitfalls on your road of recovery, but knowing your triggers, and how to cope with them can help you tremendously.

Five Tips for a Sober Summer

  1. Stay in touch with other recovering and sober individuals

In order to keep yourself accountable during the summer, it’s important to stay in touch with others who are also going through recovery. This ensures that you are staying on the right track, while also interacting with others who may need the extra support. By attending support meetings or finding fun and sober activities to participate in with fellow recovering addicts, you’ll be able to avoid temptation and make sure you are making responsible choices that reinforce your relapse prevention training.

  1. Do some volunteering

By integrating yourself into the community and partaking in a summer volunteering job, you have the chance to meet new people, learn new skills and help others. There are a number of great organizations that accept volunteers including homeless shelters, animal shelters, hospitals, homes for the elderly, and other local non-profit groups. Sites like Volunteer Match can help you find volunteer opportunities in your area.

  1. Learn a new language or skill

For months you’ve been wanting to learn a new language or perhaps even get your hands dirty with a craft project you’ve been meaning to start. Summer is the best time to brush up on a foreign language you learned back in high school or start cooking classes. Take up painting, writing or gardening, as these can be extremely therapeutic and keep your mind occupied with positive thoughts.

  1. Take a Summer college course  

If you never finished school, and want to get your college degree, Summer is the perfect time to get started. You can take online classes to complete your degree or even take a small course on a subject you love. Colleges offer a variety of classes ranging from history and philosophy to photography and pottery.

  1. Explore your city

Take this time to explore your surroundings. Whether you’ve lived in an area all your life or just moved there, new places and events are always a good way to make your sober summer more interesting. Ask your friends, neighbors or co-workers to go exploring with you or go out by yourself. You can visit local parks, museums, find new walking or hiking trails, go for a bike ride, join a sports team, go to the beach, and look up sober events happening in your area.

Ask for Help

If you are having trouble maintaining your sobriety, there is help available. Contact the addiction specialists at Treatment Search and learn more about how you can get your life back on track today.


Erica Loret de Mola

Erica Loret de Mola is a communications major who has been writing about addiction treatment for approximately three years. As content manager and editor in chief of Get Treatment, she strives to provide the most accurate and current information available to our clients.


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