Get Treatment Rehabs Scholarship

Get Treatment Rehabs Scholarship

Get Treatment is a rehabilitation center network for substance abuse. We encourage students to learn and publish about this topic. We offer monthly scholarships for topical studies, articles, and essays on:

  • drug and alcohol abuse
  • treatment methods
  • the rehab industry
  • the health insurance industry
  • public health policy
  • surveys
  • data analysis


  • 1st prize: original research studies, surveys, data analysis, $1000
  • 2nd prize: data analysis articles with infographics, $500
  • 3rd prize: industry analysis, $250
  • Honorable mention essays: personal successes with addiction treatment, $100

We would like to publish winning articles on our website.

Please cite authoritative sources.


Students in the United States who attend classes at an accredited college or university.

Deadline to Apply:

Dec 31, 2016

Selection and Notification Process:

An internal committee will decide the prizes. We will complete the award by Jan 31, 2017.

Selection criteria are originality, depth of research, appearance, and quality of writing.

Questions and Submissions:

Please email questions and submissions to:

[email protected]

Note: We will not contact you for anything unrelated to this scholarship.

Your Story Matters

Sharing your story can help you connect with others, and provide hope and support to those who may be struggling with similar issues.

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