Heroin Addiction Intervention

Heroin Addiction InterventionAccording to the U.S. government, the amount of Americans who die each year from an overdose on heroin and other illegal opiates increased by nearly 600% between 2002 and 2015. Unlike many other drugs, a single dose of heroin may easily be enough to kill the user– making it one of the deadliest addictions possible.

Unfortunately, the intensity of heroin addiction makes it even more deadly– and for many people who suffer from heroin addiction, getting the drug becomes their primary purpose in life– superseding their health, happiness, family, and career. While many heroin addiction sufferers truly wish they could stop, the fear of withdrawal can be overwhelming, causing them to avoid getting help for their life-threatening addiction.


Why a Heroin Addiction Intervention May Help

When friends, family members, or employers know that a person is addicted to heroin, they should attempt to organize an intervention as soon as possible. Family, friends, and loved ones can be one of the strongest motivators for an addiction sufferer to get sober from alcohol and drugs. For a potential addiction patient, simply knowing that those around them care may be enough to convince them to get help.


Consider Getting Professional Help When Planning A Heroin Addiction Intervention

In many cases, while friends and family may be well-intentioned, they do not have professional experience working with patients who suffer from addiction, and may not know the best way to convince an individual to get treatment for their condition. Therefore, it’s often a good idea to enlist an intervention expert– often a psychologist, psychiatrist, therapist, counselor, or other mental health or drug treatment professional.

This way, the professional interventionist can organize an intervention for maximum impact– helping to choose the right time, place, and people for the intervention. An intervention should be  filled with individuals who the patient trusts, and be held at a place where the patient can feel comfortable enough to listen to the input of each friend and family member– usually the home of a relative or a therapist’s office.

While an intervention expert can often increase the chance that an intervention works, they are not required for the intervention to be successful. However, in certain situations, it’s highly recommended to hire an expert for the safety of friends, family members, and the patient themselves.

An intervention expert should always be hired when a patient:

  • Has a history of violence or anger-management problems
  • Has a co-occurring mental health disorder
  • May be abusing multiple substances
  • Has mentioned or may be at risk for suicide or self-harm


The Goal of an Intervention: Heroin Addiction Treatment

A heroin addiction intervention has only one goal; to successfully convince an addiction sufferer to get heroin addiction treatment. Often, this may involve family members threatening to cut off housing, funds, or contact with an addiction sufferer until they have agreed to get treatment– but it’s important to consult with a trained therapist, psychologist, or addiction counselor before employing this technique.


90% of Interventions Are Ultimately Successful & These Are The Next Steps

Convincing a patient to get treatment is only the first step; next, they must participate and follow a quality heroin detox treatment program, followed by a heroin rehab program, in order to reach long term success in their sobriety.


Fortunately, gettreatment.com can help you find an accredited addiction treatment facility with programs, classes, and therapies specifically designed to help addiction patients find health and happiness with their newfound sobriety. To learn more, call 855-638-9268 today.


Erica Loret de Mola


Erica Loret de Mola is a communications major who has been writing about addiction treatment for approximately three years. As content manager and editor in chief of Get Treatment, she strives to provide the most accurate and current information available to our clients.


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