Idaho Struggling With Growing Opioid Addiction Rates

Idaho Struggling With Growing Opioid Addiction RatesIn the last several years, states across the U.S. are struggling with newfound drug problems, and Idaho is no different. Mirroring national trends, the state has seen a large uptick in opioid abuse, addiction, and overdoses in recent years.

When compared with other states, however, a relatively high percentage (36%) of overdose deaths were related to prescription drugs. This may be a result of addicts facing lack of access to street drugs in the state or it could a result of doctor over-prescribing and a lack of patient education. Either way, new solutions will be needed if Idaho wants to combat its developing drug crisis.

4 Fast Facts About Idaho’s Drug Addiction Crisis

  • Every 39 hours, someone in Idaho dies from prescription drug abuse
  • A 2015 survey showed that 17% Idaho high school students admitted to abusing prescription drugs at least once
  • From 2004 and 2013, Idaho’s rate of drug-related deaths increased by more than 100%. 227 died in 2013, up from 111 in 2004.
  • Between 2004 and 2013, Idaho’s overall drug-induced death rate went up by more than 75%, compared to the national rate of 40%.

Idaho is Taking Steps to Combat Addiction, Including Improving Its Prescription Drug Monitoring Program

In order to combat the scourge of drug addiction within the state, Idaho officials are working on a variety of initiatives to help reduce addiction and overdose rates. Much like in Iowa, laws have been loosened to give emergency responders and the friends and families of addicts more access to naloxone, which can now be easily obtained at pharmacies throughout Idaho.

Improvements to the state’s prescription drug monitoring program can also make it easier for a doctor determine if their patients are getting multiple prescriptions from multiple doctors to feed a prescription drug habit. Officials are also considering other solutions, including increasing statewide addiction treatment options, as well as needle exchanges, supervised injection sites, and medication-assisted treatment programs for heroin addicts.  

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Addiction is a disease that does not discriminate by age, race, ethnicity, gender, income, or sexuality. Anyone, no matter how happy, healthy, wealthy, or powerful can become a victim if they are not careful.

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