Katey Sagal Reveals Her 15 Year Struggle With Addiction in New Book

Katey Sagal Reveals Her 15 Year Struggle With Addiction in New BookKatey Sagal is perhaps best known for starring in the hit TV shows Married… with Children and Sons of Anarchy, but after this week, she might also be known for something else: conquering addiction. Today, the 63-year old entertainer released an autobiographical memoir entitled Grace Notes: My Recollections, and in it, she shares many of her early struggles with cocaine, alcohol, and diet pills.

Katey Sagal Attributes Part of Her Addiction Issues to Her Upbringing in Hollywood

Sagal attributes much of her problem with addiction to her childhood and family environment. Growing up in LA around a family of entertainers, drugs were easy to get and easy to use. In addition, Sagal’s mother also faced a serious addiction to prescription medication throughout many of the actresses’s early years.

In addition to her mother’s problems with prescription drug abuse, Sagal also saw the impact of prescription drugs on another well-known actress; Judy Garland. By that time, Garland had a daughter and was living down the street from Sagal and her mother in Los Angeles. Both girls had to deal with a mother suffering from addiction, and while the girls made fast friends, Sagal believes that so much early exposure to addiction had a profoundly negative influence on her and may have helped aggravate her addictive behaviors in later years.

Katey Sagal is Celebrating 30 Years of Sobriety

Katey Sagal hasn’t only come forward about her struggles with drug and alcohol addiction, she’s actively given back to the community and participated in a variety of efforts to improve awareness for those who suffer from addiction. In 2013, Sagal and her Sons of Anarchy co-stars gathered to celebrate the 17th Annual PRISM awards, which are awarded to actors, writers, directors, producers, and others who create accurate depictions of drug, alcohol, and tobacco use in television, film, Katey-Sagal-Struggle-With-Addiction-Grace-Notes-My-Recollectionmusic, comic books, and interactive media.

In regards to addiction, Sagal told the media that she had suffered from alcoholism and was 26 years sober. She also recommended that anyone suffering from addiction tell others and get help: “I know the importance of dispelling the secret, feeling like you’re not alone, seeing the consequences and relating to them, to get yourself help.”

What Katey Sagal Can Teach Us About the Power of Women in Recovery

Katey Sagal might be a well-known actress, but her story of a woman working hard to recover is more common than you might think. Sagal, like many others who face addiction, had a close family member (her mother) who also suffered from addiction, and grew up in an environment where drug abuse was relatively common.

Prescription drug abuse among American women is also disturbingly widespread. According to the, 2014 National Survey on Drug Use and Health, 4.6 million women abused prescription drugs in the last 12 months. The National Institute on Drug Abuse reported that a woman visits the E.R. for a prescription painkiller-induced overdose once every 3 minutes.  

These environmental and demographic factors likely made it more difficult for Sagal to recover, but regardless of the difficulty, she persevered, and went on to help support and educate others who might be in the same position.

Research Suggests Women in Recovery Face Additional Challenges

Katey Sagal’s story is an inspiration for anyone suffering from drug and alcohol addiction, especially women undergoing similarly challenging circumstances. Even with the temptations of Hollywood, a challenging childhood, and a family history of addiction, Sagal was able to overcome her addictions and make a positive impact on millions of lives by becoming an advocate for addiction recovery. And, with research suggesting that drugs like cocaine and opiates may be even more addictive for women than for men, advocating for women in recovery has never been more important than it is today.

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