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Garland is the twelfth most populous city in Texas, and is mostly located in Dallas County. A small part of the city extends into Collin and Rockwall County as well. Garland is a city with a lot of nominations. The most recent are: the second best City in Texas (2017), the third best City for living the American Dream (2017), the eighth best City in America to raise a family (2015). However, all these nominations doesn’t exclude the substance abuse problem in Garland. Like in many other cities the overdose rate is increasing in this region. Therefore, Garland drug treatment facilities and rehab centers are providing help and support to people who need it.

Substance Abuse and Addiction in Garland

A report from NIDA shows that alcohol is the most popular drug in Texas. Almost half of the people from Texas are alcohol users. Concerning the Dallas County, according to the county’s Drug Impact Index, in 2013 were around 100 cases of motor vehicle fatalities that implied excessive alcohol use. This number represents a new record in Dallas for the last six years.

Furthermore, the drug trafficking arrests rate per 10,000 adults in Dallas in 2013 was 6.0 and the drug possession arrests rate was 51.7. These rates are higher than in the previous year but lower in comparison to the state average.

In addition to that, the CDC datashows that the substance abuse mortality rate in Dallas County increased three times since 1999. Moreover, this rate is higher than in Tarrant, Cameron, Ellis, Bell, Webb, Lubbock, Collin and Denton Counties.

Options for Garland Drug Treatment

Fortunately, there is good news for Garland drug addicts. The special facilities and rehab centers in the region provide a wide range of services for drug and alcohol addicts. Moreover, there works a Council on Alcohol and Drug Abuse in Dallas. It organises a lot of events and measures in order to reduce substance abuse. Also, it provides a wide range of treatment services and programs for drug addicts.

Additionally, there are measures taken at the national level as well. Last year, the Congress passed the 21st Century Cures Act and the CARA (Comprehensive Addiction and Recovery Act). Therefore, the US Government allocated more than $1 Billion for addiction treatment and recovery all over the country.

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