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Laramie is the county seat of Albany County and is the third most populous city in the state of Wyoming.  Since the day it was founded, Laramie encountered a significant demographic growth. Sadly, social disruptions are accompanied with increased crime, degraded mental health, high costs of living, and other social problems. Drug abuse problems are also very likely to occur during this process. Unfortunately, more than 20% of the felony drug arrest in Albany County in 2016 involved marijuana users. In fact, A CDC report released last year revealed the number of U.S. heroin users has grown by nearly 300,000 over a decade. Thankfully, there are solutions available to people who are struggling in the Laramie area. Laramie drug treatment centers are available to help addicts in the region get their lives back on track.

Substance Abuse Struggles in Laramie

Shockingly, not even five years ago the major drug cases involved meth and marijuana. Now heroin is the most prominent hard drug in Albany County. Many who start with prescription opiate drugs like OxyContin tend to upgrade to heroin shortly after. It is a growing problem in big cities as well as in small towns. Since 2013, Albany County prosecuted eleven heroin cases defendants.

According to Wyoming Department of Health data, DUI Arrests among adult occur significantly more often than among youth. As a result, there have been 840 DUI Arrests per 100,000 population. Laramie County reports a rate of 1,623 alcohol-related arrests per 100,000 population. In either case, the rates are fastly growing each year and present a problem for local authorities.

Laramie Drug Treatment Solutions

Wyoming has the 15th highest drug overdose mortality rate in the United States, with 15 per 100,000 people suffering drug overdose fatalities, according to a new report from Trust for America’s Health

Finally, there have been some national breakthroughs as well. Last year, Congress passed the 21st Century Cures Act and the CARA (Comprehensive Addiction and Recovery Act). Therefore, people across the nation will benefit from more than $1 Billion. They can use the money to aid treatment efforts all around the country.

Bottom line, if you or someone you know is in crisis and is suffering from an addiction, help is available! Get Treatment has a list of several of the best Laramie drug treatment centers near you. In addition, we have several facilities that accept Medicare and Medicaid.

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