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Salt Lake City is Utah’s largest and most populous city. The surrounding mountains make it a popular tourist destination for outdoor activities like hiking and skiing. However, the city still faces some challenges. Like many other communities around the nation, drug use has affected Salt Lake City in a bad way. The good news, however, is that there are solutions. Salt Lake City drug treatment centers are available to help addicts in the region get their lives back on track.

Salt Lake City Opiates and Drug Addiction

Hardly a block in SLC is immune from the drug trade, a police report shows. The problem has gotten so ubiquitous that everyone in society is exposed to the developing dark underbelly. A report on Utah from SAMHSA shows that drug usage rates exceed that of Utah as a whole, and are even on par with national figures.

Despite the fact that the Mormon faith exclusively prohibits the use of drugs, pharmaceutical drug overdoses are skyrocketing. Recent reports show that an average of 21 people die each month in Utah from painkiller abuse.

Salt Lake City Drug Treatment

The drug trade has further social costs as well. The War on Drugs has had little success here, as cartels continue to focus on the Rio Grande Neighborhood. Many dealers disguise themselves among the homeless, and have strong ties to Mexican and Central American cartels.

Salt Lake City Drug Treatment Solutions

Fortunately, there are good new for drug abuse problem in Salt Lake. According to SAMHSA, the US Government has allocated around $555,000 for drug treatment in Salt Lake. The grant programs aim to prevent and reduce youth substance use. At the same time, the program’s purpose is to reduce relapses and to assure a successful recovery.

The drug treatment problem is of a high interest at national level as well. Last year, Congress passed the 21st Century Cures Act and the CARA (Comprehensive Addiction and Recovery Act). Therefore, the Government allocated more than $1 Billion in order to aid treatment efforts all around the country. Furthermore, County officials have developed strategies, activities and services available in the County in order to prevent, reduce and treat the substance abuse.

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