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Yakima is beautiful and productive farming region. Life moves at a more relaxed pace here, away from some of the region’s larger cities. Although for someone struggling with an addiction, the countryside can seem far less idyllic. If you would like to locate a Yakima drug treatment center, then you’re in the right place! Get Treatment is the leading choice for Yakima drug treatment centers.

Drug Abuse in Yakima

Several problems face Yakima county. Unemployment has hovered at around 10% as of February 2016. As a result of the lack of economic opportunity, substance abuse tends to increase. Since 1999, the death rate from substance abuse has almost tripled. Without addiction treatment, this number will continue to rise.

Yakima Drug Treatment

This statistical trend is not unique to Yakima: Virtually every area of the country is currently beset by a drug epidemic in some form. Experts say the crisis is especially visible in more regions: “It’s a real problem in rural areas. We’re trying to open it up to more patients in Yakima, particularly, because there’s a real need there.”

In 2016, 18 people died in Yakima County from drug overdose. Since 2011, 135 people have died in drug-induced deaths. The cause of death in the majority of these overdose cases are opiates, which has overtaken meth-amphetamines in recent years as the most common drug found in autopsy reports.

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What is the reason behind this increasing trend? Many experts point to prescription pills as the largest cause for the resurgence in heroin addiction. Many people develop addictions to prescription pills that acquired legally. Unfortunately, once someone is addicted it becomes all too easy to justify the transition to heroin, which offers the same high for a much cheaper price.

Yakima Drug Treatment Solutions

It’s far easier today than it’s ever been to get treatment. Government grants have been increasing in volume and frequency since the 21st Century Cures Act  and the CARA was passed by Congress in 2016. Neighborhood Health and Community Health both received $379,167 Substance Abuse Service Expansion grants this year from the federal Health Resources Services Administration. These provide help for addicts in the region.

This funding means that treatment centers are available to help! Get Treatment has compiled a list of a number of top-ranked addiction treatment facilities and rehab centers in your area that want to help you on the road to recovery. If you or someone you know is suffering from an addiction, help is available!

Below you can find listings with rehab facilities for individuals with private insurance. Furthermore, there are options for medicaid-accepting facilities for the under-insured or uninsured.

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