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Bellevue, a city in King county, is the third-largest city in the Seattle metropolitan area. The name of the city is of French origin, which translates to “beautiful view”. The city holds true to its name, as Lake Washington provides the city residents with nice views and a cool breeze. In this article we discuss challenges and solutions for Bellevue drug treatment.

Bellevue Addiction Struggles

Though it has a wonderful environment, the city is not an exception to the drug and alcohol addiction epidemic. Since marijuana was legalized in 2012, Washington state saw an increase in substance abuse in all of its regions. According to King county law enforcement, about 5% of Bellevue’s population that smokes marijuana become addicts. Also, around half of its residents have smoked marijuana at some point in their life.

Marijuana use is not the city’s main drug problem. Approximately 20% of Bellevue residents try recreational drugs other than marijuana, at least once. As in other counties in Washington state, the most popular drug among teenagers from Bellevue is alcohol. 16% of high-schoolers in Bellevue drink alcohol on a regular basis. However, the teen alcohol use in Bellevue is lower than the Washington State average.

According to King county authorities, painkillers, opioid, and heroin abuse has increased significantly since the 1990s. Most King county residents who use heroin admitted abusing prescription opioids prior to heroin use. Also, according to CDC statistical data, drug-related deaths in King County are steadily increasing.

As in Seattle, most drug involved deaths in Bellevue occurred in residences and outdoors (cars, camp, boats etc.).

Bellevue Drug Treatment Solutions

In order to address the substance abuse problem, the King County created the Heroin and Prescription Opiate Addiction Task Force. Its members include a number of authorities and institutions from across King County, including the City of Bellevue Fire Dept. Therefore, the main duties of the Task Force were to review the initiatives and activities that aim to prevent. At the same time it aims to treat and provide health services for opioid addicts.

According to Task Force findings, the number of people who received treatment for heroin use disorders almost doubled from 2010 to 2014. Also, in 2015, heroin treatment admissions exceeded the alcohol treatment admissions for the first time in King County. Most of the people who entered a treatment program for heroin use for the first time were between 18 and 29 years old.

King county top causes of drug-related deaths 2015

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