Massachusetts Leads the Nation in Opioid-Related ER Visits

Massachusetts Leads the Nation in Opioid-Related ER VisitsAmerica’s opioid epidemic seems to know no bounds. The worst of the crisis is no longer confined to the south or the midwest. A new report from Massachusetts shows that the state leads the nation in opioid-related visits to emergency rooms.

In 2015, Massachusetts had 1,379 confirmed and 1,526 estimated opioid-related deaths. This is a significant increase from 2014, which had 1,282 confirmed and 1,356 estimated opioid-related deaths. However, it’s not nearly as large as the increase from 2013, in which there were only 911 confirmed deaths.

Officials believe that the amount of opioid deaths Massachusetts would have been even higher were it not for the state’s insurance coverage. So while this may be increasing the ER visits for opioid addicts, it’s likely significantly reducing the state’s opioid death rate.

The Opioid Epidemic in the U.S.

America’s opioid epidemic seems to be getting worse by the day. A lack of effective treatment solutions, lack of economic opportunity, and deadly opioid drugs, like fentanyl flooding into the country from China are among the many factors that may be contributing to the opioid addiction crisis in the United States.

While it may be impossible for you to personally change the underlying factors that have caused this crisis, you can still make a positive impact. If you or someone you love is addicted to opioids, get help today. Every day that someone’s addiction continues is another opportunity for them to experience an overdose or other potentially deadly health complications from opioid abuse.

Get Treatment For Opioid Addiction

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If you’re addicted to opioids and are afraid to get help, know that you are much stronger than you think and there is always hope for someone who wants to put in the effort to get better. A life of sobriety can be incredibly fulfilling, happy, and meaningful. Sobriety can allow you to avoid living a life of pain, addiction and regret. Recovery will let you to finally fulfill your hopes and dreams, develop rewarding relationships and start living the life you deserve. Life is a gift, and with the help of Get Treatment you can find you a substance abuse treatment center that can help you regain control of your life. 

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