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What Recovery Means to Me: My Addiction Recovery Story

  • By: Candace
  • Posted
  • Cocaine

I chose to write about the pain of addiction and the process of my recovery to be an inspiration to others who are still struggling in addiction or looking for hope in the early stages of recovery. Little did I know, writing would bring healing to the parts of me that were still raw and…

Rehab Gave Me My Life Back

  • By: Adam N.
  • Posted
  • Cocaine

When I arrived at treatment, I was lost and in much pain. I was initially very apprehensive about entering the community. However, I was so miserable that I was willing to try something new. Right from the beginning, I felt very welcomed. There was a homey atmosphere about my facility that is hard to describe.…

I Will Not Let My Past Define Me, Recovery Story

Recovery to me is an ongoing process, not an endpoint. It’s an opening into opportunity, risk, learning and more successes than I ever imagined. It’s accepting my strengths and weaknesses to be able to separate my disease from who I am and live my life. I have to take small steps and accept that life…

Overcoming the Shame of Addiction

I am as guilty as the next of confusing the concepts of weakness and sin, as the difference between shame, guilt, humility, and humiliation. When I mistake shame for godly sorrow or humiliation for humility, I misunderstand what God expects from me. I lose my way. And I miss out on much of the healing…

From Hopkins to Homeless: My Addiction Recovery Story

Introduction, My Story David Todd Loffert, B.S., M.H.S., Ph.D., C.P.S.S. After completing 4 years at the University of Northern Colorado for my Bachelor of Science, 1 year at Johns Hopkins University for my Masters in Health Science, and 2 years into my Ph.D. in respiratory medicine at the Medical College of Virginia/Virginia Commonwealth University, I…

I am A Grateful Recovering Addict

  • By: Michele
  • Posted
  • Cocaine

My name is Michele and I am a grateful recovering addict, though I still suffer with the disease each and every day. It all started 15 years age when I went through a life changing event. I thought that I could cope with my emotion by using. I started off smoking Marijuana and drinking here…

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